Commit 911ad6ad authored by Johan Cwiklinski's avatar Johan Cwiklinski

Extract en_GB verbatim from pot file

parent 31fe71f8
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ copyright='INDEPNET Development Team'
xgettext *.php */*.php -o locales/glpi.pot -L PHP --add-comments=TRANS --from-code=UTF-8 --force-po \
--keyword=_n:1,2 --keyword=__s --keyword=__ --keyword=_e --keyword=_x:1c,2 --keyword=_ex:1c,2 --keyword=_sx:1c,2 --keyword=_nx:1c,2,3 --keyword=_sn:1,2
#Update main language
LANG=C msginit --no-translator -i locales/glpi.pot -l en_GB -o locales/en_GB.po
### for using tx :
##tx set --execute --auto-local -r GLPI.glpipot 'locales/<lang>.po' --source-lang en_GB --source-file locales/glpi.pot
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