Commit 2f5e77e1 authored by forax's avatar forax
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Fix: Analysis interpreter uses wroong constant for method type and method handle

     Patch provided by Jim Laskey
parent ea414d12
......@@ -108,9 +108,9 @@ public class BasicInterpreter implements Opcodes, Interpreter {
case AbstractInsnNode.CST_CLASS_INSN:
return newValue(Type.getObjectType("java/lang/Class"));
case AbstractInsnNode.CST_MTYPE_INSN:
return newValue(Type.getObjectType("java/lang/MethodType"));
return newValue(Type.getObjectType("java/dyn/MethodType"));
case AbstractInsnNode.CST_MHANDLE_INSN:
return newValue(Type.getObjectType("java/lang/MethodHandle"));
return newValue(Type.getObjectType("java/dyn/MethodHandle"));
//case AbstractInsnNode.CST_PRIM_INSN:
default: {
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