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add unit test

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......@@ -340,6 +340,17 @@ public class CheckClassAdapterTest extends AsmTest implements Opcodes {
assertEquals("<T::LI.J<*+LA;>;>()V^LA;X: error at index 24", exception.getMessage());
public void testVisitMethod_legal() {
CheckClassAdapter checkClassAdapter = new CheckClassAdapter(null);
checkClassAdapter.visit(V1_1, ACC_PUBLIC, "C", null, "java/lang/Object", null);
MethodVisitor mv = checkClassAdapter.visitMethod(ACC_PUBLIC, "m", "()V", null, null);
mv.visitMaxs(0, 1);
public void testVisitTypeAnnotation_illegalAnnotation1() {
CheckClassAdapter checkClassAdapter = new CheckClassAdapter(null);
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