Commit 2e8cd00e authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Little change

parent 2afc68bd
......@@ -430,7 +430,7 @@ start_web_server: all prepare_test_server
addKey globalStorageOptions DataSource 'dbi:SQLite:dbname='`pwd`'/e2e-tests/conf/sessions.db'; \
@# Debian: make start_web_server TESTBACKEND=LDAP LLNGTESTLDAP_SCHEMA_DIR=/etc/ldap/schema LLNGTESTLDAP_SLAPADD_BIN=/usr/sbin/slapadd
if test "$(TESTBACKEND)" = "LDAP"; then \
@if test "$(TESTBACKEND)" = "LDAP"; then \
cp lemonldap-ng-portal/t/testslapd/slapd.ldif e2e-tests/conf/; \
mkdir e2e-tests/conf/slapd.d; \
mkdir e2e-tests/conf/data; \
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