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Some notes on release process

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How to build a release for LemonLDAP::NG
The version
- The release version should be updated in the following location:
* changelog (add a changelog for the target version)
* Main modules (
* Makefile.PL for cross-dependencies
- Then update packages information with:
# make clean && make cpan
- Version must also be updated in RPM and Debian build files
(see related README)
Before release
- Update documentation:
# Make documentation
The distribution
- CPAN packages:
# make clean && make cpan
Upload created archives in the CPAN directory
- Tarball:
# make clean && make dist
Upload dist on OW2 forge
- RedHat/Debian packaging: see related README
Upload bundle on OW2 Forge, and on LL::NG repository
- Update links on the download page
- Close the version on JIRA and create a new one
Spread the word
- News on OW2 forge
- Twitter account
- Freshmeat
- IRC channel subject
- User mailing list
- Optional: blogs and news sites (LinuxFR, etc.)
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