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Update release process

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......@@ -22,24 +22,17 @@ Before release
- Update documentation:
# make documentation
For minor release
- Tag the version on SVN from the branch
- Tag the version on SVN from the branch:
# svn cp branches/lemonldap-ng_version_VERSION-bugfixes tags/lemonldap-ng_version_VERSION
For major release
- You need to create a branch, but not directly from the trunk
- First get the tarball:
# make dist
- Then unpack it somewhere anc copy content in a new branch on SVN
# cp lemonldap-ng-VERSION svn/lemonldap-ng/branches/lemonldap-ng_version_VERSION-bugfixes
- You can then tag the version from the new branch
- Create a branch on SVN from the trunk:
# svn cp trunk branches/lemonldap-ng_version_VERSION-bugfixes
The distribution
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