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lemonldap-ng (1.9.19) oldstable; urgency=high
* Bugs:
* #1509: InactivityTimeout for applications don't work
* #1520: lemonldap-ng-cli adds a new item when deleting an item that does not exist.
* #1567: Captcha session id is too weak
* #1580: Error when saving in manager (mongoDB as ConfigurationBackend)
* #1662: id_token validity not correctly evaluated
* #1744: [Security: low] register_token used for account creation can be used as a valid session identifier
* Improvements:
* #1516: All IDP conf not usable if only one IDP misconfigured
* #1519: Cross domain authentication, ajax request and same origin policy
lemonldap-ng (1.9.18) stable; urgency=high
* #1479: App Category order - Cannot save
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