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......@@ -92,18 +92,22 @@ Upload dist and bundles
- DEB:
The DEB repository is hosted on
Copy all generated files (*.deb, *.dsc, *.changes, ...):
$ scp *.deb *.dsc *.changes *.debian.tar.gz *.orig.tar.gz
Copy all generated files (*.deb):
$ scp *.deb
Then connect on the server and launch reprepro:
$ ssh$ cd deb/$ reprepro --ask-passphrase -Vb . include squeeze ../incoming/lemonldap-ng_VERSION_i386.changes
lemonldapng@sd-22107:~/deb$ reprepro --ask-passphrase -Vb . includedeb squeeze ../incoming/*VERSION*deb
lemonldapng@sd-22107:~/deb$ reprepro --ask-passphrase -Vb . includedeb stable ../incoming/*VERSION*deb
lemonldapng@sd-22107:~/deb$ reprepro --ask-passphrase -Vb . includedeb 2.0 ../incoming/*VERSION*deb
See also reprepro configuration file: 'distributions'
- Docker:
Build a new image from
Tag image to latest
Upload on Docker hub
......@@ -113,11 +117,10 @@ Site
Spread the word
- News on OW2 forge
- Twitter account
- Freshmeat
- IRC channel subject
- User mailing list
- News on OW2 projects page:
- Twitter account / Facebook page
- IRC channel subject and Mattermost
- Mailing lists: lemonldap-ng-users / lemonldap-ng-announces
- Optional: blogs and news sites (LinuxFR, etc.)
After release
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