Commit 51676634 authored by afreyssin's avatar afreyssin
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Adds test1-x.perf with numerous ping/pong.

parent d9a90c03
......@@ -1451,6 +1451,15 @@
<param name="jvmargs" value="-DPing=0 -DPong=0 -Dbounce=499"/>
<target name="test1-x.perf" depends="init.a3props,compile">
<antcall target="" inheritAll="true">
<param name="classname" value="a3.perf.test1"/>
<param name="testid" value="1"/>
<param name="a3conf" value="perf/a3servers0.xml"/>
<param name="jvmargs" value="-DPing=0 -DPong=0 -Dbounce=500000"/>
<!-- Distributed -->
<target name="test1-2.perf" depends="init.a3props,compile">
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