Commit 64ae8b22 authored by afreyssin's avatar afreyssin
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Increase the test cover restarting the 'root' server from scratch.

parent 2a4e878c
......@@ -164,6 +164,23 @@ public class JndiTest5 extends TestCase {
assertEquals("E", ctx3.lookup("/E"));
assertEquals("F", ctx3.lookup("/F"));
// Stop server S0 then restart it (all datas are lost).
System.out.println("Stop S0");
stopAgentServer((short) 0);
System.out.println("Start S0");
startAgentServer((short) 0, new String[] { "" });
// Verify data on S0
System.out.println("Verify on S0");
assertEquals("A", ctx0.lookup("/A"));
assertEquals("B", ctx0.lookup("/B"));
assertEquals("C1", ctx0.lookup("/C"));
assertEquals("D1", ctx0.lookup("/D"));
assertEquals("E", ctx0.lookup("/E"));
assertEquals("F", ctx0.lookup("/F"));
} catch (Exception exc) {
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