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<s1 name="Latest News">
<s2 name="February 19, 2014: Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2014 conference, France.">
<p><a href="">ScalAgent D.T.</a>) is currently implementing version 3.1 of
the MQTT protocol. This work is to be presented by David Féliot at the
<a href="">Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2014 conference</a>,
organised by Eclipse at Grenoble on the 19th of february 2014.</p>
<p>David's presentation will be available on the <a href="">ScalAgent's MQTT</a> web
page after the conference.</p>
<s2 name="November 13, 2013: OW2 Annual Conference, Paris, France.">
<p>Serge Lacourte, CEO of ScalAgent DT, participates to a panel at the annual OW2 conference
on the subject : Benefits and challenges of integrating open source components.</p>
<s2 name="October 2, 2013: JORAM 5.9.0 release is available.">
<p>This release introduces many improvements and bug fixes, essentially:</p>
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