Commit 9fdbf361 authored by Andre Freyssinet's avatar Andre Freyssinet

JMQ-142: avoids warning about MQTT topics.

parent 0a9f6280
......@@ -173,7 +173,10 @@ public abstract class Destination extends Agent implements DestinationMBean {
// JORAM-323: Verify if the destination is temporary.
if (getId().getStamp() != AgentId.JoramAdminStamp) {
if ((getId().getStamp() != AgentId.JoramAdminStamp) &&
// JMQ-142: May be we should just verify that the agent is a special one (id < MaxWKSIdStamp).
(getId().getStamp() != AgentId.MqttDefaultTopicStamp) &&
(getId().getStamp() != AgentId.MqttDefault$TopicStamp)) {
DestinationDesc desc = AdminTopic.lookupDest(getName(), getType());
if (desc == null) {
logger.log(BasicLevel.WARN, "Cannot find destination in registry:" + getName());
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