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# Sample using JMS REST API
## Configuration
## Initialization
Launches the Joram/JMS server with JMS REST API
- ant clean compile
- ant rest_server
Creations of JMS user and destinations needed for the tests are automatically done
through joramAdmin.xml file.
## Using browser
Access to JMS, JNDI and Admin API:
- http://localhost:8989/joram/
Access to JMX API:
- http://localhost:8989/jmx/
## Test
Creates a Producer sending a message, and a consumer receiving the message.
- ant rest.test
## Sample
Creates a producer sending 10 messages.
- ant rest.producer
Creates a consumer waiting 10 messages.
- ant rest.consumer
## Performance
Creates a consumer waiting messages.
- ant rest_perfs_cons_q
Creates a producer sending 50.000 messages.
- ant rest_perfs_prod_q
# Sample using bridge REST
## Configuration
This sample uses 2 servers, the front end with the bridge, and the back end with JMS REST API (see corresponding sample).
The configuration of the front end server is:
- config/restbridge_a3servers.xml
- config/
## Initialization
Launches the Joram/JMS server with JMS REST API
- ant clean compile
- ant rest_server
- ant restbridge_server
Creates JMS user and bridge destinations needed for the tests. It creates a distribution queue pushing messages
to 'queue' on back end server, and an acquisition queue acquiring messages from 'queue' on back end server. Acquisition
and distribution queue use JMS REST API. So each message sent to the distribution queue can be received through the
acquisition queue :
- ant restbridge\_admin (or restbridge\_adminxml)
## Sample
Creates a consumer waiting messages on acquisition queue.
- ant rest.consumer
Creates a producer sending 1 messages to the distribution queue.
- ant restbridge_producer
## Performance
- ant restbridge\_perfs\_admin
- ant restbridge\_perfs\_cons_q1
- ant restbridge\_perfs\_cons_q2
- ant restbridge\_perfs\_prod_q1
- ant restbridge\_perfs\_prod_q2
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