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<a href=";path=%2Ftrunk%2Fjoram%2F&amp;isdir=1&amp;">SVN history</a>.</p>
<s2 name="October 9 2014: PRESENTATION AT JFSMA14.">
<p>ScalAgent DT presents its technology at the <a href="">22nd JFSMA</a>, a
French conference on multi-agent systems at Loriol-sur-Drôme.</p>
<p>This <a href="">presentation</a> details the technological core
of Joram: the distributed execution engine implements a reactor pattern, where agents communicate exclusively through events and react to
events atomically. This technology enables ScalAgent&#145;s agents to interact effortlessly, be they located on the same system or on different
<p>It is at the core of several of our products, Joram or JoramMQ, the monitoring/control solutions developed for the CNES, or
the mediation solution of TagSys RFID.</p>
<s2 name="September 18, 2014: CNES workshop - Mobility for operations">
<p>CNES (the french space agency) has organized a workshop on 18th September about mobility for
operations. The question is to allow remote users to use the services of an operations center from
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