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[FIX] Fixing Network connectivity issues with SIP client. (#25391)

* Clickup Task:
Description: The previous PR did not handle the issues completely.
This PR is expected to handle
1. Clearing call related UI when the network is disconnected or switched.
2. Do clean connectivity. There were few issues discovered in earlier implementation. e.g endpoint would randomly
get disconnected after a while. This was due to the fact that the earlier socket disconnection caused the
removal of contact on asterisk. This should be fixed in this PR.
3. This PR contains a lot of logs. This will be removed before the final merge.

* Clickup Task:
Fixing error.

* Clickup Task:
Description: Removed log statents. Changed the call disconnection logic. The call now gets disconnected
when the network disconnects. Earlier it would get disconnected when the network was restored back.

* Clickup Task:
Description: Cleaning VoIPUser.ts.

* Clickup Task:
Description: Handling review comments

* Clickup Task:
Description: Correctly handling the registration flag when network is restored.

* Clickup Task:
Description: Fixing review comments.
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