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# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## [Unreleased]
### Added
### Changed
### Deprecated
### Removed
### Fixed
### Security
## [6.2.0] - 2018-07-19
### Added
- New cockpit features (new selector/HTML widgets, dynamic text, chart switching and drilling, widgets cloning and others);
- Improvements on Meta designer: capability to exploit DBMS custom functions on calculated fields;
- New options for datasets on self service section;
- I18n support within cockpit and other user functionalities;
- Improvements on collaboration & sharing: user can easily get the direct link to an analysis or the HTML code to embed it.
### Fixed
- Many bugs fixed.
### Security
- New SSO mechanism based on a JWT token, enabled in default configuration;
- Fixed some XSS vulnerabilities.
## [6.1.1] - 2017-11-10
### Added
- [Docker]( image released
- [Chef]( deployment script released
### Fixed
- ChartJS and D3 now works with NGSI dataset inside dashboard
- Readthedocs typos
## [6.1.0] - 2017-10-25
### Added
- Cockpit features and general improvements
- move a widget from tab to tab
- manage the look&feel
- 3d options for charts
- new grouping options
- new table widget with more options
- new filter section on widget
- selector widget has more style options
- Release of Dossier engine. The Dossier feature allows to automatically build a presentation with predefined reports
- New Real Time features on NGSI Data Set, which enables user to build real-time console by using the Cockpit engine
### Changed
- General improvements on Report Engine
### Fixed
- The installer now correctly creates the foodmart_demo database
- Export of charts and dashboard to PDF and XLS
- Removed dataset with parameters while using federator designer
- Creation of gauge chart
- Restored correct credential for default login page
- Other minor bug fixes
## 6.0.0 - 2017-06-30
To get started, <a href="">sign the Contributor License Agreement</a>.
This is the README
<p align="center">
<img src="">
[![Build Status](](
Knowage is the full capabilities open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems. Its features, such as data federation, mash-up, data/text mining and advanced data visualization, give comprehensive support to rich and multi-source data analysis. The suite is composed of several modules, each one conceived for a specific analytical domain. They can be used individually as complete solution for a certain task, or combined with one another to ensure full coverage of user’ requirements.
## Modules available
| | Name | Description |
| <img src="" alt="BD" width="50px"/> | Big Data | To analyse data stored on big data clusters or NoSQL databases |
| <img src="" alt="SI" width="50px"/> | Smart Intelligence | The usual business intelligence on structured data, but more oriented to self-service capabilities and agile prototyping |
| <img src="" alt="ER" width="50px"/> | Enterprise Reporting | To produce and distribute static reports |
| <img src="" alt="LI" width="50px"/> | Location Intelligence | To relate business data with spatial or geographical information |
| <img src="" alt="PM" width="50px"/> | Performance Management | To manage KPIs and organize scorecards, to monitor your business in real-time |
| <img src="" alt="PA" width="50px"/> | Predictive Analysis | To perform advanced analyses for forecasting and prescriptive purposes |
Knowage supports a modern vision of the data analytics, providing new self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, now able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, also combining data that come from different sources.
## Editions
Knowage is available on two versions:
* the community edition, with the whole set of analytical capabilities, it is part of the software stack managed by [OW2]( and the reference implementation of the Data Visualization GE in [FIWARE]( (see the [FIWARE catalogue entry]( for details), as SpagoBI was;
* the enterprise edition, provided and guaranteed directly from Engineering Group - the leading Italian software and services company - with a commercial offering and some facilities for the administrator.
This repository contains the source code of the Community Edition.
# Contributions
Before start to contribute, please read and sign the [Contributor License Agreement](
# Documentation
The official documentantion is available at [Read the Docs](
# More
Please visit [the project website]( for information about the Enterprise Edition.
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