Commit 89e1b9c1 authored by Marco Cortella's avatar Marco Cortella
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added physical table name in business columns properties...

added physical table name in business columns properties (
parent f55c6e80
......@@ -112,6 +112,12 @@
<!-- physical column name -->
<md-input-container ng-if="(selectedBusinessModel['physicalColumn']!=undefined) && (catProp=='physical')">
<label >{{translate.load("sbi.meta.column.physical")}}</label>
<input ng-if="(selectedBusinessModel['physicalColumn']!=undefined) && (catProp=='physical')" ng-model="selectedBusinessModel['physicalColumn'].name" disabled>
<!-- edit temporal hierarchy button -->
<md-icon ng-if="prop.value.value=='temporal dimension'" ng-click="editTemporalHierarchy()" md-font-icon=" fa fa-sitemap" ></md-icon>
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