Commit 2532970b authored by Xavier Guimard's avatar Xavier Guimard

Fix perltidy conf

parent 9cfef329
# -*- conf -*-
# Default options for perltidy for proper Perl code reformatting.
# This file is based on the one from the rra-c-util package,
# which can be found at <>.
......@@ -1098,7 +1098,7 @@ test-diff:
tidy: clean
find lemon*/ -type f \( -name '*.pm' -or -name '*.pl' -or -name '*.fcgi' -or -name '*.t' \) -print -exec perltidy -b {} \;
find lemon*/ -type f \( -name '*.pm' -or -name '*.pl' -or -name '*.fcgi' -or -name '*.t' \) -print -exec perltidy -se -b {} \;
find lemon*/ -name '*.bak' -delete
$(MAKE) json
  • This breaks perltidy on Debian stable (9.6) :

    coudot@llng-site:~/lemonldap-ng$ perltidy -b lemonldap-ng-common/lib/Lemonldap/NG/ 
    Unknown option: nostack-closing-tokens
    Error in this config file: .perltidyrc  
    Use -npro to ignore this file, -h for help'
    coudot@llng-site:~/lemonldap-ng$ perltidy -v
    This is perltidy, v20140328 
    Copyright 2000-2014, Steve Hancock
    Perltidy is free software and may be copied under the terms of the GNU
    General Public License, which is included in the distribution files.
    Complete documentation for perltidy can be found using 'man perltidy'
    or on the internet at

    Could we remove the nostack-closing-tokens option?

    Edited by Clément OUDOT
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