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Don t translate attributes (#1952)

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......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@
<div ng-if="!node.nodes">
<th ng-if="!='1' &&!='2'">{{node.title}}</th>
<th ng-if="!='1' &&!='2'"><span title="{{node.title}}">{{translate(node.title)}}</span></th>
<td class="data-{{node.epoch}}" ng-if=">='1'">{{node.title}}</td>
<th ng-if="node.title=='type' || node.title=='rp'">{{translate(node.value)}}</th>
<td id="v-{{node.title}}" class="col-md-4 data-{{node.epoch}}" ng-if="node.title!='type' && node.title!='rp'">{{node.value}}</td>
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