Commit 598defc0 authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Exclude .tpl from `make diff` (#Closes: LEMONLDAP-908)

parent 97b0f8fa
...@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ SRCMANAGERDIR=lemonldap-ng-manager ...@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ SRCMANAGERDIR=lemonldap-ng-manager
VERSION=`head -n1 changelog |sed -e 's/lemonldap-ng (//' -e 's/).*$$//'` VERSION=`head -n1 changelog |sed -e 's/lemonldap-ng (//' -e 's/).*$$//'`
PORTALSKINS=`ls $(SRCPORTALDIR)/example/skins/` PORTALSKINS=`ls $(SRCPORTALDIR)/example/skins/`
DIFF=diff -aurN -x '*.bak' -x .svn -x '*.map' -x '*.min.js' -x '*.min.css' -x '*.swp' --ignore-matching-lines='.*jquery.*' --ignore-matching-lines='.*lemonldap-ng\.ini.*' DIFF=diff -aurN -x '*.tpl' -x '*.bak' -x .svn -x '*.map' -x '*.min.js' -x '*.min.css' -x '*.swp' --ignore-matching-lines='.*jquery.*' --ignore-matching-lines='.*lemonldap-ng\.ini.*'
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