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.. attention::
Nginx is fully supported by LemonLDAP::NG since version
Nginx is a very fast web server. It can be used to host the portal or
the manager through its FastCGI support and can be used to protect
applications using the auth_request module (dialing with a FastCGI
authorization server). See
:doc:`installation pages<../start>` to know how install
and use it.
Favorite Applications
LemonLDAP::NG allows users to select and store their favorite
Users can access to their favorite applications in menu tab, if
``Favorite Apps`` module is enabled.
This feature can be enabled and configured in Manager, in
``General Parameters`` » ``Portal`` » ``Menu`` » ``Modules activation``
» ``Favorite Apps``. You can define activation rule and how many
favorite applications can be stored.
Users can reset all their favorite applications.
JSON File configuration backend
This works like :doc:`File backend<fileconfbackend>`, except that data
are serialized in JSON.
.. tip::
This configuration storage can be shared between different
hosts using:
- :doc:`SOAP configuration backend proxy<soapconfbackend>`
- any files sharing system (NFS, NAS, SAN,...)
You just have to configure a directory writable by Apache user and set
it in [configuration] section in your lemonldap-ng.ini file:
.. code-block:: ini
type = JSONFile
dirName = /var/lib/lemonldap-ng/conf
Memcached session backend
.. attention::
\ `Memcached <>`__ can be used with
LL::NG, but some features will not work since Memcached doesn't provide
any parsing system:
- Session expiration: sessions will never expire (server side)
- :ref:`Session explorer<session-explorer>` will not work
- :ref:`Session restrictions<session-restrictions>` will not work
To keep Memcached performance level and LL::NG features, you can replace
`Memcached <>`__ by
`Redis <>`__ using
:doc:`NoSQL session backend<nosqlsessionbackend>`.
Install and launch a `Memcached server <>`__.
In the manager: set
`Apache::Session::Memcached <>`__
in ``General parameters`` » ``Sessions`` » ``Session storage`` »
``Apache::Session module`` and add the following parameters (case
=================== ================= =============================
Required parameters
=================== ================= =============================
Name Comment Example
**Servers** Memcached servers
=================== ================= =============================
`Apache::Session::Memcached <>`__
for optional parameters.
......@@ -434,10 +434,6 @@ By default, the main session module is used to store SAML temporary data
compatible with the
:ref:`sessions restrictions feature<session-restrictions>`.
This is not the case of :doc:`Memcached<memcachedsessionbackend>` for
example. In this case, you can choose a different module to manage SAML
.. tip::
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