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Fix mistake

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......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ sub enabledPlugins {
# TODO: change this name
if ( $conf->{customPlugins} ) {
$self->logger->debug( 'Custom plugins: ' . $conf->{customPlugins} );
push @res, grep ( /\w/, split( /,\s*/, $conf->{customPlugins} ) );
push @res, grep ( /\w+/, split( /,\s*/, $conf->{customPlugins} ) );
return @res;
  • Hello @guimard ,

    I am not sure. /\w/ same as /\w+/ ?

    Edited by Christophe Maudoux
    • /\w/ means one character somewhere
    • /\w+/ means one character or more somewhere

    So no real difference here

  • Hello @guimard ,

    Thanks ! Pbe exists between keybord and chair! I found why customModule does not work. You must specify all the path : in Manager.

    It could be a good idea if customAuth default path was LL:NG:P::Auth::* customUserDB was LL:NG:P::userBD:: and customPassword LL:NG:P::Password:: ?

  • It is possible: set ::Auth::My for example. Starting with :: means Lemonldap::NG::Portal::

  • Ok thanks ! I will improve online doc

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