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Some little things

parent 612dbb09
......@@ -260,20 +260,22 @@ prepare_test_server:
cp e2e-tests/lmConf-1.js e2e-tests/lemonldap-ng.ini e2e-tests/env.conf e2e-tests/conf/
perl -i -pe 'BEGIN{$$p=`pwd`;chomp $$p}s#__pwd__#$$p#;s/__port__/$(WEBSERVERPORT)/' e2e-tests/conf/lemonldap-ng.ini e2e-tests/conf/lmConf-1.js e2e-tests/conf/env.conf
start_web_server: prepare_test_server
e2e-tests/conf/ start_web_server
start_web_server: all prepare_test_server
# Clean old server
-@[ -e e2e-tests/conf/ ] && kill `cat e2e-tests/conf/` && sleep 1
# Start web server (designed for Debian, path may be broken else)
@LLNG_DEFAULTCONFFILE=`pwd`/e2e-tests/conf/lemonldap-ng.ini /usr/sbin/apache2 -d `pwd`/e2e-tests -f apache2.conf -k start
reload_web_server: all
@if [ -e e2e-tests/conf/ ]; then \
LLNG_DEFAULTCONFFILE=`pwd`/e2e-tests/conf/lemonldap-ng.ini /usr/sbin/apache2 -d `pwd`/e2e-tests -f apache2.conf -k graceful; \
else \
$(MAKE) start_web_server; \
launch_protractor: all e2e-tests/conf/
# Start e2e tests
# NB: you must have protractor installed (using npm install -g protractor)
# and have run update-webdriver at least once
......@@ -281,7 +283,7 @@ launch_protractor:
# Stop web server
-@kill `cat e2e-tests/conf/`
-@ [ -e e2e-tests/conf/ ] && kill `cat e2e-tests/conf/`
# Clean
@rm -rf e2e-tests/conf
......@@ -667,7 +669,7 @@ doxygen: clean
distclean: clean
clean: common_clean handler_clean portal_clean manager_clean omegat-clean omegat-fr-clean
clean: common_clean handler_clean portal_clean manager_clean omegat-clean omegat-fr-clean stop_web_server
@rm -f $$(find */ -name '*bak' -delete)
@rm -rf $(EXAMPLEROOT) example/ doc/devel
@rm -vf *gz *zip
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