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"PE6":"连接LDAP server失败",
"PE7":"LDAP server 异常",
"PE8":"Apache::Session 模块 错误",
"PE11":" Lasso:Login 或者 Lasso:Logout 初始化失败",
"PE12":"Liberty-Alliance artefact resolution failed",
"PE13":"Liberty-Alliance defederation failed",
"PE14":"Liberty-Alliance query returned by IDP in assertion is empty",
"PE15":"One of Liberty-Alliance soap calls failed",
"PE16":"One of Liberty-Alliance single logout failed",
"PE17":"No SAML artefact found, or auto-accepting SSO failed",
"PE18":"初始化,创建或者请求 SSO 失败",
"PE19":"Unable to store Liberty-Alliance session id",
"PE20":"A Liberty-Alliance Soap End Point process failed",
"PE31":"Password used too recently",
"PE32":" authentications remaining, change your password!",
"PE33":"距离密码失效还有 %d 天, %d 小时, %d 分钟, %d 秒, 请修改!",
"PE37":"无效 URL",
"PE41":"Session opening not allowed",
"PE44":"Confirmation key is invalid or too old",
"PE48":"Undefined SAML error",
"PE49":"Unable to load SAML service",
"PE50":"Problem when loading an identity provider",
"PE51":"An error occured during SAML single sign on",
"PE52":"SAML entity is not known",
"PE53":"SAML message destination is not correct",
"PE54":"SAML message conditions are not respected",
"PE55":"Identity provider initiated single sign on is not authorized",
"PE56":"An error occured during SAML single logout",
"PE57":"Error in SAML message signature management",
"PE58":"An error occured during SAML artifact use",
"PE59":"Communication error with SAML sessions",
"PE60":"Problem when loading a service provider",
"PE61":"An error occured during SAML attributes exchange",
"PE62":"This is an OpenID endpoint page",
"PE63":"You try to use an OpenID identity which is not yours",
"PE64":"所需 attribute 不可用",
"PE65":"Federation forbidden by security policy",
"PE68":"Access non granted on CAS service",
"PE73":"Radius 连接失败",
"PE75":"You came from an unaccredited IP address",
"PE80":"This address is already used",
"PE81":"Invalid authentication attempt",
"PE82":"Exceeded authentication timeout",
"PE83":"U2F verification failed. Retry or contact your administrator",
"PE84":"You're not authorized to access to this host",
"PE85":"The remote site ask for a newer session (and UpgradeSession plugin isn't loaded). Logout and retry",
"PE86":"Your account is locked. You must wait 30s before authenticate again",
"PE87":"You must authenticate again to access to Portal",
"2fRegRequired":"This service requires a double factor authentication. Register a device now, then go back to the portal.",
"accept":"Accept 方法",
"anotherInformation":"Another information:",
"askToRenew":"This application needs a more recent authentication. Do you want to reauthenticate?",
"askToUpgrade":"This application needs an higher authentication level. Do you want to reauthenticate?",
"authPortal":"Authentication portal",
"authRemaining":"%s authentications remaining, change your password!",
"back2CasUrl":"The application you just logged out of has provided a link it would like you to follow",
"badCode":"Bad code",
"badName":"Bad name",
"changeKey":"Generate new key",
"checkLastLogins":"Check my last logins",
"choose2f":"Choose your second factor",
"chooseApp":"Choose an application your are allowed to access to",
"clickOnYubikey":"Click on your Yubikey",
"closeSSO":"Close your SSO session",
"confirmLinkSent":"A confirmation link has been sent. This link is valid until ",
"enterOpenIDLogin":"请输入您的 OpenID 认证",
"enterTotpCode":"Enter TOTP code",
"fillTheForm":"Fill the form",
"gplSoft":"free software covered by the GPL license",
"ipAddr":"IP 地址",
"linkValidUntil":"This message contains a link to reset your password, this link is valid until ",
"loginHistory":"Login history",
"logoutFromOtherApp":"Logout from other applications ...",
"logoutFromSP":"Logout from service providers ...",
"maintenanceMode":"This application is in maintenance, please try to connect later",
"maxNumberof2FDevicesReached":"Maximum number of 2F devices reached!!!",
"missingCode":"Code is missing",
"notAuthorized":"You're not authorized to do this",
"notFound":"Not found: you try to access to an unavailable page",
"noTOTPFound":"No TOTP found",
"noU2FKeyFound":"No U2F key found",
"oidcConsent":"The application %s would like to know:",
"oidcConsents":"OIDC consents",
"oidcConsentsFull":"OpenID-Connect consents",
"openidAp":"Do you agree to provide the following parameters?",
"openidExchange":"Do you want to authenticate yourself on %s ?",
"openidPA":"Data usage policy is available at",
"openidRpns":"Parameter %s requested for federation isn't available",
"openSessionSpace":"This space allow you to open a SSO session. This will help you to securely access to all applications authorized by your profil.",
"openSSOSession":"Open your SSO session",
"otherSessions":"Other active sessions",
"ppGrace":"authentications remaining, change your password!",
"proxyError":"Bad gateway: unable to join remote server",
"pwdChange":"Password change",
"pwdResetAlreadyIssued":"A password reset request was already issued on ",
"pwdWillExpire":"%s days, %s hours, %s minutes and %s seconds before password expiration, change it!",
"redirectionToIdp":"重定向至你的Identity Provider",
"refreshrights":"Refresh my rights",
"registerRequestAlreadyIssued":"A register request for this account was already issued on ",
"resentConfirm":"Do you want the confirmation mail to be resent?",
"rightsReloadNeedsLogout":"Rights reloads need to logout and login again",
"selectIdP":"Select your Identity Provider",
"sendPwd":"Send me a link",
"serverError":"Error occurs on the server",
"serviceProvidedBy":"Service provided by",
"sessionsDeleted":"The following sessions have been closed",
"sfaManager":"2ndFA Manager",
"SSOSessionInactive":"SSO session inactive",
"stayConnected":"Stay connected on this device",
"totpExistingKey":"A TOTP secret already exists",
"touchU2fDevice":"Please touch the flashing U2F device now.",
"touchU2fDeviceOrEnterTotp":"Please touch the flashing U2F device or enter TOTP code.",
"u2fFailed":"U2F verification failed. Retry or contact your administrator",
"u2fPermission":"You may be prompted to allow the site permission to access your security keys. After granting permission, the device will start to blink.",
"u2fWelcome":"U2F device management",
"unableToGetKey":"Unable to access to your key. Retry or contact your administrator",
"unknownAction":"Unknown action",
"useYubikey":"使用您的 Yubikey",
"welcomeOnPortal":"欢迎来到您的加密认证 portal",
"yourKeyIsRegistered":"Your key is registered",
"yourKeyIsAlreadyRegistered":"Your key is ALREADY registered !!!",
"yourKeyIsUnregistered":"Your key has been unregistered",
"yourKeyIsVerified":"Your key is verified",
"yourNewTotpKey":"Your new TOTP key, please test it and enter the code",
"yourTotpKey":"Your TOTP key"
\ No newline at end of file
"mailConfirmSubject":"[LemonLDAP::NG] 密码重置确认",
"mailSubject":"[LemonLDAP::NG] 您的新密码",
"registerConfirmSubject":"[LemonLDAP::NG] 账号注册确认",
"registerDoneSubject":"[LemonLDAP::NG] 您的新账号",
\ No newline at end of file
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