Commit cf483f01 authored by Xavier Guimard's avatar Xavier Guimard

Add debian-install-for-nginx-uwsgi target

To be used by llng-docker
parent 392c8fb7
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......@@ -921,11 +921,17 @@ debian-install:
@exit 1
debian-install-for-apache: debian-packages
perl -i -ne 'next if/fastcgi.*deb$$/;s/lemonldap-ng-fastcgi-server//;print' /tmp/lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION)*.changes
perl -i -ne 'next if/(?:fastcgi|uwsgi).*deb$$/;s/lemonldap-ng-(?:fastcgi-server|uwsgi-app)//;print' /tmp/lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION)*.changes
cd /tmp/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) && \
$(SU) debi
debian-install-for-nginx: debian-packages
perl -i -ne 'next if/(?:uwsgi).*deb$$/;s/lemonldap-ng-(?:uwsgi-app)//;print' /tmp/lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION)*.changes
cd /tmp/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) && \
$(SU) debi
debian-install-for-nginx-uwsgi: debian-packages
perl -i -ne 'next if/(?:fastcgi).*deb$$/;s/lemonldap-ng-(?:fastcgi-server)//;print' /tmp/lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION)*.changes
cd /tmp/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) && \
$(SU) debi
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