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......@@ -227,10 +227,12 @@ e2e_test:
MANAGERPSGIDIR=`pwd`/e2e-tests \
DEFDOCDIR=`pwd`/doc \
# Start web server
# Start web server (designed for Debian, path may be broken else)
-@[ -e e2e-tests/conf/ ] && kill `cat e2e-tests/conf/` && sleep 1
@/usr/sbin/apache2 -d `pwd`/e2e-tests -f apache2.conf -k start
# Start e2e tests
# NB: you must have protractor installed (using npm install -g protractor)
# and have run update-webdriver at least once
@protractor e2e-tests/protractor-conf.js
# Clean
@kill `cat e2e-tests/conf/`
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