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Allow user to set their login when registering

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I added the possibility for a registering user to set its login.


  • Introduce registerDisplayLoginInput config variable to toggle the visibility of the login input.
  • Use registerDisplayLoginInput to create a template variable DISPLAY_LOGIN_INPUT
  • Create a login input in register.tpl
  • Add the login param to the registerInfo object in
  • Use the provided login instead of calling computeLogin
  • Make isLoginUsed method a public method in SAML and AD
  • Add a isLoginUsed method to DEMO to make it compliant with the new API requirement
  • Add default values for the variables in

Extra changes:

  • Introduce loginControl config variables to validate the login and validate the login in the registration flow in
  • Introduce registerLdapObjectClasses config variable to customize the objectClass in userCreation in and
  • Introduce registerTransformNames to prevent first and last name transformation in userCreation

Needed changes (I would need guidance):

  • Create a PE_LOGINALREADYEXISTS variable in and a correct error message
  • Add inputs in manager
  • Write tests
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