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Radius attribute resolved by name #2819

philippe lhardy requested to merge artlog/lemonldap-ng:radius_attributes2 into v2.0
  • use load_dictionary for /etc/raddb/dictionary
  • check first dictionary exists and log an error but proceed without resolution if not found.
  • Do not forget to set /etc/raddb/dictionary to have resolution
    • see freeradius project within /usr/share/freeradius
  • get mapping from conf radiusExportedVars configuration
  • radiusExportedVars are key => value where key is session attribute name and value is radius attribute name This is done this ways to keep same semantic than other exportedVars like ldapExportedVars
  • default is to export nothing
  • add radiusExportedVars within Manager
    • changed Build/ and Build/
    • used very same translation than ldapExportedVars
    • other files are generated
  • add documentation for Exported variables
    • what is key and value, and some dependency warning.

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