Changes for the still in progress Fedora review

Merged Xavier Bachelot requested to merge xavierb/lemonldap-ng:fedora_review into v2.0

Here's the current state of the changes needed for the Fedora package review [1]. This is still considered a draft as the final review is still pending. I'll update this PR if new items need to be added, although any preliminary feedback would be indeed very appreciated

List of changes:

  • Improve Summary:
  • Drop updates-alternatives from %%post
  • Split long line
  • Drop useless comments
  • Add provides for bundled javascript libraries and adapt License tag accordingly
  • Add provides for bundled font and adapt License tag accordingly
  • Make use of %%lm_sharedir instead of plain path
  • Add BR: for uglify-js
  • Move examples to %%_docdir
  • Fix perms on %%lm_vardir/captcha and %%_rundir/llng-fastcgi-server
  • Drop redundant dirs creation and perms change
  • Conditionalize test that needs network access
  • Disable lasso for F38+


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