Roadmap for LemonLDAP::NG

Icons legend:
ok.png Task finished
warning_triangle.png Work in progress
error.png To be done

Version 0.9 (published in 2008)

ok.png Liberty Alliance authentication module (learn more)
ok.png Skins for Manager and Portal
ok.png SOAP access to configuration and sessions (Configuration, Sessions)

Version 0.9.3 (published in January 2009)

ok.png Dissociate authentication and user backend capabilities (for example, to choose LDAP for authentication, and MySQL for reading user's information)
ok.png Add a to portal modules, to provide an enhanced application menu and password modification form (learn more)
ok.png i18n (internationalization) for modules, scripts and HTML templates (learn more)
ok.png Sessions explorer
ok.png Accounting and authentication in manager
ok.png Shared functions for macros, groups, access rules and headers.
ok.png Production installation script
ok.png Doxygen documentation (learn more)
ok.png Packages for RedHat/CentOS

Version 0.9.4 (planned for June 2009)

ok.png Notification system
ok.png Chaining portals system (learn more)
ok.png Multiple cookies (learn more)
ok.png Normalize logs messages
ok.png Date and time parameters in access rules
ok.png LDAP backend for configuration (learn more)
ok.png Conditionnal portal, to manage several indpendant portals with one LemonLDAP::NG instance (learn more)
ok.png Manage the "Password must change" case with ppolicy in Portal
ok.png Display connected user in Menu (learn more)
ok.png Rewrite SOAP documentation (Configuration, Sessions)
ok.png Use PasswordDBLDAP in
ok.png Move group management in UserDB
ok.png Mail (reset password) customization

Next versions (planned… when ready)

ok.png Proxy authentication module (learn more)
warning_triangle.png SAML2 IdP and SP
warning_triangle.png OpenID IdP and SP
warning_triangle.png OAuth IdP and SP
warning_triangle.png Twitter SP
warning_triangle.png Monitoring scripts (MRTG, Cacti, Nagios)
warning_triangle.png Handler POST functionnalities, to fill authentication forms with login/password
warning_triangle.png Configuration update, to manage all new parameters (learn more)
warning_triangle.png Configuration migration scripts
warning_triangle.png Rewrite Manager with JQuery and Ajax
error.png Portal and Manager trigger system, to execute code on specified action (apply, save, etc.)
error.png Refactor Portal/ and Portal/
error.png Split Apache configuration files (Handler, Portal, Manager)
error.png Use i18n in Session Explorer
error.png Change menu to be useable both in portal and auto-protected CGI
error.png Manage Apache virtualhost configuration through LDAP backend
error.png SNMP extensions for monitoring
error.png Local password policy
error.png LQL parser (LDAP Query Language)
error.png Shared "grant" function
error.png User keystore for POST authentications
error.png Use YAML in Portal templates