Deploy Apache configuration

This step should have been already done if you installed LL::NG with packages.


Apache-ModPerl is no longer usable since 2.4 version (many segfaults,…). No problem for portal and manager since they are now handled by FastCGI.

But for handlers, please use Nginx !

With tarball installation, Apache configuration files will be installed in /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/, else they are in /etc/lemonldap-ng.

You have to include them in Apache main configuration, for example:

include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/portal-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/handler-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/manager-apache2.conf
include /usr/local/lemonldap-ng/etc/test-apache2.conf
  • You can also use symbolic links in conf.d or sites-available Apache directory.
  • If you have run the Debian/Ubuntu install command, just use:
a2ensite manager-apache2.conf
a2ensite portal-apache2.conf
a2ensite handler-apache2.conf
a2ensite test-apache2.conf


You will also need to load some Apache modules:

With Debian/Ubuntu:
a2enmod fcgid perl alias rewrite