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===== Ldap Synchronization Connector (LSC) Change Log =====
This file contains a summary of changes between releases. Please refer to
individual issues on for details.
Please note that this file contains changes for both the lsc-sample and lsc-core
=== LSC release 1.1.1 (01/11/2009) ===
- Fixed Bug #118: LDIF logger throws exception on zero length value
- Fixed Bug #119: SQLMap url in example sql-map-config.xml is wrong
- Fixed Bug #128: Bad value checking for default values in BeanComparator
- Added Feature #97: Explicit error message when Rhino fails
=== LSC release 1.1.0 (27/07/2009) ===
- Initial release of LSC 1.1.
- Changes from the 1.0 branch are too numerous to list.
2008-12-01 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Moved to, package and license change
2008-10-08 Jonathan Clarke <>
* Add support for auto-detecting the LDAP schema subschemaSubentry
2008-10-01 Jonathan Clarke <>
* Update FullDNJndiDstService to support clean operation by return a
list of DNs as IDs
* Update LocalizedJndiModificationsLayout to display DNs correctly
2008-09-24 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Add support for multiple values for create_value sync option
* Add support for DN identifier through FullDNJndiDstService Jndi
destination service
* Update to 1.0rc5
* Add support for default values (not specified in srcJdbcBean)
2008-09-06 Jonathan Clarke <>
* Add support for MERGE attribute comparaison mode
* Interpret JScript in create_value for attributes
* Correct a bug where attributes with a capital first letter couldn't
be synchronized properly (internal storage is now all in lower case)
* Correct a bug in dry-run mode where null modifications was
considered an error
* Correct MAJOR bug in launching cleaning tasks using
* Correct a bug in paged results usage
* Update to 1.0rc4
2008-08-17 Jonathan Clarke <>
* Rewrite attribute comparaison function in AbstractBean to support
comparing byte arrays as strings (useful for userPassword)
* Fix noupdate and nodelete options (-nc and -nd)
2008-06-12 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Add support for paged results (including ldapbp.jar dependencies) to support Active Directory search
2008-05-28 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Fix getDn() as non final method on top object
2008-05-03 Jonathan Clarke <>
* Website update, comments clarification and English corrections
2008-05-02 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Fix unfunctional global synchronization filters flag (-n, -nc, ...)
* Add severeals test to improve test coverage (14%) (LocalizedJndiModificationsLayout, DateUtils)
2008-04-16 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Add cobertura test coverage status
* Add severeals test to improve test coverage (12%)
2008-04-13 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Switching to 1.0rc1
* Initiating general and technical specifications
* Initiating tests plan
2008-04-12 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Fix sql-map-config.xml file generation
2008-03-19 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Improving code style against checkstyle
* Updated OpenDS to 1.0
2008-03-14 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Improving code style against checkstyle
2008-03-11 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Improving doumentation
* Update general information
* Remove deb package generation
2008-03-01 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Project renamed from Ldap Simple Connector to Ldap Synchronization Connector
* Fix duplicated help/usage message
* Website update
* Simplify directory structure by removing src/impl
2008-02-25 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Switch to 0.9.9
* Complete and test the properties generator
* Refactor all generators to support properties generator
* Moved to interldap-common 0.8
2008-02-24 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Add the CSV2SQL generator
* Add the Properties generator skeleton
2008-02-15 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Files location refactoring to improve lsc-sample
2008-02-03 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Switch to 0.9.8
* Introduce the new LQL engine as a Rhino scriptable object
* Fix duplicate dao.xml file
2008-01-29 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Fix bad messages format
2008-01-25 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Adding Rhino Ecma Script engine to fill the attributes according to
properties based rules
* Updated license to the new Affero GPL v3 license with dynamic link exception
2008-01-24 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Switch to 0.9.7
* Fix configuration issued for SimpleJndiSrc/DstService
2008-01-20 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Removed hsqldb from lsc::sample task to avoid hsqldb creation error
* Refactored standard objectclass implementation
* Updating the build process to remove *.properties
* New SimpleSynchronization generic class to avoid writing a XXXSynchronize file
* Add new parameters to
* Default properties start with "src" and "dst". Allow "ldap" also as an alias for "dst" prefix
* Add the n = nc + nd + nu option
2008-01-18 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Add the JndiModificationsFilter object and cli implementation
* Add the parseCommandLine method to AbstractSynchronize
* Modify the way AbstractSynchronize must be implemented and Launcher object used
2008-01-17  Jonathan Clarke  <>
* Switch to 0.9.6
* Rename JdbcServiceObjectGenerator to JdbcSrcServiceObjectGenerator
* Update generator to work for LDAP source and destination objectclasses
* Add support for creating attributes in the destination not present in the source (see getCreateAttributeNames in SyncOptions)
2008-01-08 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Switch to 0.9.5
* Switch interldap-common to 0.7 - must rename to (BAD)
* Add the configuration objects structure and inheritence
* Add the source and destination properties
* Fix the error count by including JNDI errors
2008-01-05 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Change to 0.9.4
* Update ibatis dependency
* Fix the errors in JUnit test case
2008-01-02 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Change to 0.9.3
* Fix the classpath sample
* Adding Jooon fix for attribute and objectclass description parsing
2007-12-20 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* 0.9.2: Fix the database cleaning process
2007-12-06 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* 0.9.1: Include first SyncOptions implementation
2007-11-07 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Update the web site sample
* Release the 0.9 version
2007-11-06 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Remove spaces from values to throw empty attributes away
* Refactor org.interldap to org.interldap
2007-09-20 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Adding new Directory2directory synchronization initial mode
2007-07-20 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Improving sample
2007-07-19 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Adding artifact on objectweb site
* Improving website and first public pre-release
2007-07-14 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Adding src/site and adapt maven information to generate web site
2007-07-13 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Moving app/* to src/main/resources
* Modifying source path from src/{app/impl/test} to src/{main/impl/test}/java
* Removing all ivy reference
2007-07-12 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* pom.xml: Adding Maven2 compatibility
* Removing all ivy reference
* build.xml: all libraries are now solved through Maven2 artifacts
2007-07-08 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Improve and translate comments
* Refactor to remove Filters class dependency in the application main package (moved to implementation packages)
2007-07-06 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Include command line interface via commons-cli and prepare the first release
2007-07-05 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* improve structure synchronization
2007-06-28 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* improve general code documentation
2007-06-19 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* inline sample database is now feed with dbMonster
* including OpenDS as embedded directory server
2007-06-18 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* sample: adding sample database mecanism
* default database is now inline hsqldb
2007-06-15 Thomas Chemineau <>
* Major work all around (refactor generate engines, rewrite objects, ...)
2007-05-23 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* src/impl/org/interldap/lsc/persistence/iface: removed
* src/impl/org/interldap/lsc/persistence/sqlmapdao/*.java: removed
* src/impl/org/interldap/lsc/persistence/sqlmapdao/xml/*: moved to ../../xml
* src/impl/org/interldap/lsc/service/*.java: bind direct sqlmap class to simplify code generation
2007-01-01 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Continuous development
2006-01-01 Sebastien Bahloul <>
* Initial release
Full HTML documentation is available at
This project is the Ldap Synchronization Connector which provides you simplified way of$
synchronization between relation databases, CSV files, ... and LDAP directories.
===== What is LSC? =====
Ldap Synchronization Connector reads from any data source including databases,
LDAP directories or files and transforms and compares this data to an LDAP
directory. These connectors can then be used to continuously synchronize a data
source to a directory, for a one shot import or just to compare differences by
outputting CSV or LDIF format reports.
LSC offers a powerful transformation engine, based on a scripting language, to
easily manipulate data on the fly.
Various identity management functions are included for directory-specific
compatibility — most notably Active Directory (changing passwords, account
status, last logon, etc …).
LSC is an open source project written in Java, available under the BSD license.
===== Philosophy =====
Make it possible: The main goal is to provide a simple and efficient way of
synchronizing any data source to a LDAP directory quickly.
Make it stable and safe: Many companies use home-grown scripts for this kind of
synchronization. LSC is an open source tool, and all the bugs you might write in
your scripts have been fixed already (and a few more). The code is in use
worldwide and is heavily tested. Simply put, LSC is about not reinventing the
wheel to synchronize data.
Make it faster and simpler: The added-value of LSC resides in the focus on
identity management tools - common transformations and directory-specific
behaviour come as part of the software. These functions are extensible to
include your own, to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Save time, by
===== Feature overview =====
* Multiple source connectors: any LDAPv3 server, any database with a JDBC
connector, flat files (or anything else you write a connector for)
* Support for LDAPv3 niceties and extensions: StartTLS, LDAPS, paged results,
schema retrieval
* Graphical setup wizard (use is optional)
* Fully configurable through plain text configuration files
* Written in Java, leveraging the ecosystem of available tools
* Simple wrapper shell scripts are provided, to ease use and system integration
* Runs on any Java-enabled platform - tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS X
* Simple attribute mapping from source to destination
* Three policies to update attributes, including forcing values, non-destructive
updates and merging
* Advanced attribute manipulation via a built-in JavaScript engine
* Predefined libraries for use in JavaScript attribute manipulation:
- LDAP server tools: standard bind operation can be checked on any
LDAPv3 server
- Active Directory tools: password update (unicodePwd attribute),
account type and status manipulation (userAccountControl), unused
account detection (lastLogonTimestamp)
- String manipulation: formatting for common tasks in identity
management, such as capitalizing first letters in a complex name,
filtering accents for login names, etc …
- Security tools: password hashing, bi-directional encryption
* Conditions to only create, update, rename or delete entries depending on
current values
* Detailed and configurable logging in LDIF (fully RFC-compliant) and CSV
* Monitoring plugin for Nagios
* Possibility to extend any Java class to implement your own specific
synchronization needs
===== Read more =====
Find more documentation, tutorials at
Join us on IRC in #lsc-project on Freenode, or on mailing lists at
@TODO include JUnit test cases
@TODO include different (simplier and more complex) models
@TODO include "from database request" generators
@TODO manage transaction
@TODO Update website documentation
@TODO Improve documentation
@TODO Rename default LDAP POJO to fit the standard Java classnames
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<name>Ldap Synchronization Connector</name>
This project is the Ldap Synchronization Connector which
simplifies synchronizations between relation databases and LDAP
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