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===== Ldap Synchronization Connector (LSC) Change Log =====
This file contains a summary of changes between releases. Please refer to
individual issues on for details.
Please note that this file contains changes for both the lsc-sample and lsc-core
=== LSC release 1.2.0 (16/05/2010) ===
If you're upgrading from 1.1.*, see upgrading notes at:
Major changes:
- Generation is no longer necessary (Objects no longer exist, and the new SimpleBean can be used in place of most specific beans)
- LSC-sample no longer exists (a demonstration configuration is in sample/ from the new distribution)
- Ant and Maven are no longer required. The only dependency for LSC is JRE (other dependencies are bundled)
- db2ldap configuration has been simplified: The configuration file is obsolete. Database connection properties are now read from the main file.
- The logging system and configuration has changed: logging configuration is now done via the logback.xml file.
Resolved issues:
- Feature #22: Don't require generation for attributes and objectclasses from the schema in the directory
- Feature #33: Support attribute names containing a "-" character
- Feature #59: Implement post hooks after sync and clean
- Feature #103: Create a distribution tarball from lsc-core including quickstart possibilities
- Feature #112: Upgrade to OpenDS 1.2 stable version (for the sample)
- Feature #136: Plug in any source connector easily
- Feature #139: Migrate from log4j to sfl4j & LogBack
- Feature #153: AntInstaller deprecated
- Feature #154: Migrate the stack traces from LOGGER.error to LOGGER.debug
- Feature #187: ldap.exists caller method
- Feature #198: Display warning message when configuration file not found
- Feature #214: All deprecated methods should log warnings
- Bug #32: [ldap2ldap] Source objectClass is created in destination directory
- Bug #99: getContextDn() is not found by rhino
- Bug #107: Null values not supported in CSV files
- Bug #140: JScriptEvaluator method evalToStringList() may return a list of one empty string
- Bug #157: Standardise output parameters for logging configuration
- Bug #168: lsc fails with unrelevant message due to bad config file
- Bug #170: Correct default logging settings
- Bug #174: Update sample for 1.2
- Bug #176: add function getAccountExpires to AD.class
- Bug #179: Quickstart tutorial fails
- Bug #184: create_value inconsistency between 1.1.2 and 1.2
- Bug #190: utf-8 and import csv
- Bug #191: ScriptableJndiServices exists method ignores filter
- Bug #192: Message about cygwin path under GNU/Linux
- Bug #196: Ldif layout bug for modrdn LDAP operation
- Bug #197: Problem with DN that has a # sign
- Bug #202: LSC silently fails if the key for SymmetricEncryption can't be read
- Bug #203: Error in documentation for SymmetricEncryption: property keypath doesn't exist, it's keyfile
- Bug #204: EvaluatorException for value containing ";"
- Bug #115: After OpenDS 2.0 upgrade, directory fails to shutdown (development)
=== LSC release 1.1.2 (07/12/2009) ===
- Fixed Bug #141: Create and default values not added to destination for attributes not in source object
- Fixed Bug #145: db2ldap synchronizations with multiple pivot attributes don't handle all entries
- Fixed Bug #148: Quickstart tutorial was broken (
- Fixed Bug #151: Null Pointer Exception in logActionError if errors occured very early
- Fixed Bug #152: Add and modify operations do not handle empty fields the same way
=== LSC release 1.1.1 (01/11/2009) ===
- Fixed Bug #118: LDIF logger throws exception on zero length value
- Fixed Bug #119: SQLMap url in example sql-map-config.xml is wrong
- Fixed Bug #128: Bad value checking for default values in BeanComparator
- Added Feature #97: Explicit error message when Rhino fails
=== LSC release 1.1.0 (27/07/2009) ===
- Initial release of LSC 1.1.
- Changes from the 1.0 branch are too numerous to list.
...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ ...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<groupId>org.lsc</groupId> <groupId>org.lsc</groupId>
<artifactId>lsc-core</artifactId> <artifactId>lsc-core</artifactId>
<name>Ldap Synchronization Connector</name> <name>Ldap Synchronization Connector</name>
<version>1.2-SNAPSHOT</version> <version>1.2.0</version>
<description> <description>
This project is the Ldap Synchronization Connector which This project is the Ldap Synchronization Connector which
simplifies synchronizations between relation databases and LDAP simplifies synchronizations between relation databases and LDAP
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