Commit 35e766de authored by Clément OUDOT's avatar Clément OUDOT

Update changelog for 1.9.12

parent c5368caa
lemonldap-ng (2.0.0~alpha1) testing; urgency=low
lemonldap-ng (1.9.12) stable; urgency=high
* [LEMONLDAP-1293] - Unable to delete "Exported Attributes" in SAML SP
* [LEMONLDAP-1294] - Debian - JSON - Apache::Session module failed
* [LEMONLDAP-1295] - Bad UserInfo response wihen attribute values are Perl references
* [LEMONLDAP-1297] - Restrict reload url to the localhost
* [LEMONLDAP-1299] - Unable to use LemonLDAP on Debian Stretch - Portal issue
* [LEMONLDAP-1298] - CAS logout redirect service
lemonldap-ng (1.9.11) stable; urgency=high
* [LEMONLDAP-1244] - CGIPassAuth not usable in CentOS 7.3.1611 because of old Apache version
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