Commit 384292f7 authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Split make debian-install

parent 5aa1d970
......@@ -858,17 +858,7 @@ manager_clean:
@if test -e ${SRCMANAGERDIR}/Makefile;then $(MAKE) -C ${SRCMANAGERDIR} distclean;fi
@rm -vf manager*
debian-local-packages: debian-dist
mv lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION).orig.$(COMPRESSSUFFIX) /tmp/
version=$(VERSION) && \
cd /tmp/ && \
rm -rf lemonldap-ng-$$version && \
$(UNCOMPRESS) lemonldap-ng_$$version.orig.$(COMPRESSSUFFIX) && \
cd lemonldap-ng-$$version && \
debuild -us -uc -b --lintian-opts -i \
--lintian-opts -v --lintian-opts -I --lintian-opts -E \
--lintian-opts --color --lintian-opts auto --lintian-opts -L \
--lintian-opts +=pedantic
debian-local-packages: debian-packages
debian-packages: debian-dist
mv lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION).orig.$(COMPRESSSUFFIX) /tmp/
......@@ -882,12 +872,33 @@ debian-packages: debian-dist
--lintian-opts --color --lintian-opts auto --lintian-opts -L \
--lintian-opts +=pedantic
debian-install: debian-local-packages
@echo "You have now to choose between:"
@echo " - make debian-install-for-apache"
@echo " - make ubuntu-install-for-apache"
@echo " - make debian-install-for-nginx"
@echo " - make ubuntu-install-for-nginx"
@echo "All packages will be built in /tmp/ but only those needed by the"
@echo "server you will choose will be installed"
@exit 1
perl -i -ne 'next if/fastcgi.*deb$$/;s/lemonldap-ng-fastcgi-server//;print' /tmp/lemonldap-ng_$(VERSION)*.changes
cd /tmp/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) && \
$(SU) debi
debian-install-for-nginx: debian-packages
cd /tmp/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) && \
$(SU) debi
$(MAKE) debian-install SU=sudo
ubuntu-install: debian-install
$(MAKE) debian-install-for-apache SU=sudo
$(MAKE) debian-install-for-nginx SU=sudo
diff: debian-diff
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