Commit 44e8657c authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Little bug

parent 8e0aff19
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ JSSRCFILES:=$(shell find $(SRCMANAGERDIR)/site/static/js $(SRCPORTALDIR)/example
CSSSRCFILES:=$(shell find $(SRCMANAGERDIR)/site/static/css $(SRCPORTALDIR)/example -type f -name '*.css' ! -name '*.min.css')
# Coffee files
COFFEESRCFILES:=$(shell find $(SRCMANAGERDIR)/site/coffee/ -type f)
COFFEESRCFILES:=$(shell find $(SRCMANAGERDIR)/site/coffee/ -type f -name '*.coffee')
COFFEEDSTFILES:=$(subst coffee/,static/js/,$(
# Minified files
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