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- Install rpm-build package
- Install all build dependencies (see BuildRequires in lemonldap-ng.spec)
- Put LemonLDAP::NG tarball in %_topdir/SOURCES (built with 'make dist')
- Edit ~/.rpmmacros and set your build parameters (example for RHEL5):
- Edit ~/.rpmmacros and set your build parameters:
%_topdir /home/user/build
%dist .el5
%rhel 5
%dist .el7
%rhel 7
- Go to %_topdir
- Do rpmbuild -ta SOURCES/lemonldap-ng-VERSION.tar.gz
......@@ -18,16 +18,14 @@ This RPM can be built for several distribution like RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Open
== Update YUM repository ==
The YUM repository is hosted on
The YUM repository is hosted on
First copy RPM files (they must be signed!) and source RPM:
$ scp *.noarch.rpm
$ scp *.src.rpm
$ scp *.noarch.rpm
$ scp *.src.rpm
Then connect on server and launch repodata:
$ ssh$ createrepo rpm/
Do the same for EL6 RPMs in rpm6/ directory.$ createrepo rpm7/
That's all!
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