Commit bca0c77a authored by Yadd's avatar Yadd
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Exclude debian and omegat.files directories from tarball

parent d1ac297f
......@@ -506,7 +506,7 @@ manager_uninstall: manager
dist: clean
@mkdir -p lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)
@cp -pRH $$(find * -maxdepth 0|grep -v lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)) lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)
@cp -pRH $$(find * -maxdepth 0|grep -v -e "\(lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)\|debian\|omegat.files\)") lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)
@rm -rf $$(find lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION) -name .svn -print)
@find $$dir -name '*.bak' -delete
@rm -rf lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)/lemonldap-ng-$(VERSION)
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