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Update changelog

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lemonldap-ng (1.2.0) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-251] - Error on form based UserDB modules afeter an non
formed based Auth module display the form
* [LEMONLDAP-320] - Unprotect rule does not delete headers
* [LEMONLDAP-367] - Debian package on a fresh install still need upgrade
* [LEMONLDAP-368] - user root can't have lmConfigEditor running because of
wrong file permissions
* [LEMONLDAP-369] - perl error reported in logs when HTTP header
"Accept-Language" not defined
* [LEMONLDAP-370] - behaviour of tree menu in manager
* [LEMONLDAP-371] - custom function declaration doesn't work through
management UI
* [LEMONLDAP-373] - Field values lost in manager
* [LEMONLDAP-375] - empty query string in redirect url
* [LEMONLDAP-376] - wrong authentication mode stored in session with
authMulti when SSLRequire set to 0
* [LEMONLDAP-380] - Mail reset session not destroyed when password is
* [LEMONLDAP-384] - When force password reset form is incomplete, user is
redirected to main authentication screen
* [LEMONLDAP-390] - Saml Attribute form not reset in Manager
* [LEMONLDAP-391] - [Choice] No choice should return PE_FIRSTACCESS and
* [LEMONLDAP-392] - Bad URL error when connected to the menu display the
login form instead of the menu
* [LEMONLDAP-393] - Can't create samlIDPMetaDataExportedAttributes or
* [LEMONLDAP-394] - RelayState is sometimes not transferred by SAML IdP
* [LEMONLDAP-397] - [SAML] server error when SOAP SLO request is sent by
IDP, and SOAP access is not possible on SP
* [LEMONLDAP-399] - invalid syntax of wsdl made by buildPortalWSDL
* [LEMONLDAP-401] - SOAP method getMenuApplications lock the session
* [LEMONLDAP-405] - No redirect with impact skin
* [LEMONLDAP-407] - Missing dependency Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum
* [LEMONLDAP-410] - Manager should reject vhost value like
* [LEMONLDAP-411] - LDAP change password as user and extended modify
password change are not working
* [LEMONLDAP-418] - Typo bug in Debian control file
* [LEMONLDAP-420] - Unable to access to http virtualhosts
* [LEMONLDAP-425] - Error code: 200, SyntaxError: JSON.parse in Manager
* [LEMONLDAP-426] - Unused perl-Apache-AuthNetLDAP dependency in spec file
* [LEMONLDAP-427] - _deleteSessionFromLocalStorage should exit directly if
no $id given
* [LEMONLDAP-429] - links to css and js in html broken if portal url is
not a root url
* [LEMONLDAP-437] - SAML: redirect binding not working
* [LEMONLDAP-441] - Manager do not display a correct error when
configuration store fails
* [LEMONLDAP-445] - Portal personalized messages are UTF8 doubled encoded
* [LEMONLDAP-446] - Server error when a password mail reset session is
unavailable and the token is passed to
* [LEMONLDAP-447] - Bad identifier in grantSession logs
* [LEMONLDAP-448] - defined(%hash) is deprecated
* [LEMONLDAP-450] - SAML Authn not working with binding HTTP Redirect
* [LEMONLDAP-454] - Replace $ip with client IP in forging HTTP headers
doesn't work
* [LEMONLDAP-455] - Notification error because text is not valid UTF-8
* [LEMONLDAP-464] - LL::NG::Handler::AuthBasic displays login / password
in error log
* [LEMONLDAP-465] - Error messages with portal SOAP services
* [LEMONLDAP-466] - SAML logout not working with js redirection
* [LEMONLDAP-467] - SAML redirection seen as CDA requests
* [LEMONLDAP-469] - No CAS authentication with CDA enabled
* [LEMONLDAP-470] - Zimbra PreAuth Handler syntax error
* [LEMONLDAP-472] - Debian package not signed
* [LEMONLDAP-473] - SOAP items
* [LEMONLDAP-478] - CAS Issuer do not work with CAS v1
* [LEMONLDAP-276] - Parameters to specify sub directories for portal and
manager URL
* [LEMONLDAP-377] - Add error cases in mail reset by mail management
* [LEMONLDAP-382] - Move session update on password change in the main
modifyPassword method
* [LEMONLDAP-383] - Update local cache when session is updated
* [LEMONLDAP-387] - prompt custom messages when ungrant session
* [LEMONLDAP-398] - Old value 'ldap' for authentication is not accepted in
* [LEMONLDAP-400] - Reload SAML server cache on new configuration
* [LEMONLDAP-403] - Alphabetical order in authentication modules select
* [LEMONLDAP-404] - Check only path in the URI instead of full URL to
match an IssuerDB action path
* [LEMONLDAP-408] - Allow CAS to be on other urls than /cas
* [LEMONLDAP-421] - Double cookie but single session
* [LEMONLDAP-422] - Telling the authenticated user that he will be
* [LEMONLDAP-432] - Check conditions in AuthSlave and UserDBSlave
* [LEMONLDAP-438] - User is not informed of SAML single logout success
* [LEMONLDAP-453] - Add authentication mode in auth log
* [LEMONLDAP-458] - Force FollowSymLinks option in Apache configuration
* [LEMONLDAP-468] - optimize default structure of notifications table and
* [LEMONLDAP-474] - textarea instead of text input
* [LEMONLDAP-475] - Text items for session display
* [LEMONLDAP-476] - Allow execution of portal's and manager's CGI in shell
* [LEMONLDAP-236] - SSO with public/auth Website
* [LEMONLDAP-249] - Manage apply key with the manager
* [LEMONLDAP-342] - Create a "maintenance" rule target to disallow an
* [LEMONLDAP-378] - Display confirmation mail creation date and expiration
date in mail reset screens
* [LEMONLDAP-379] - Use session attributes in templates
* [LEMONLDAP-385] - Option to send a mail when the password is changed
* [LEMONLDAP-389] - store and display login history
* [LEMONLDAP-396] - Radius authentication module
* [LEMONLDAP-416] - Create Auth/UserDB/PasswordDB Demo
* [LEMONLDAP-417] - Apache Fitler to add application panel on protected
* [LEMONLDAP-424] - keyword 'skip' in access rules, to skip access control
* [LEMONLDAP-442] - Keep only current version documentation offline
* [LEMONLDAP-443] - Option to bypass XSS checks on fields or URL
* [LEMONLDAP-449] - Possibility to set custom template parameters
* [LEMONLDAP-456] - Allow to set false value of a customized error message
to test it in a template
* [LEMONLDAP-459] - Translate cookie domain in internat proxy (lmProxy)
* [LEMONLDAP-477] - Refuse authentication if 2 entries match the
authentication filter
* [LEMONLDAP-406] - missing dependency on a basic portal installation
* [LEMONLDAP-413] - Verify that oldPassword is not empty
* [LEMONLDAP-435] - Move contribs modules to github
* [LEMONLDAP-444] - Reorganize files in SVN repository
lemonldap-ng (1.1.2) stable; urgency=low
* [LEMONLDAP-355] - The "basic($uid,$_password)" extended function makes an
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