Commit 15688bdb authored by Maxime Besson's avatar Maxime Besson

Revert 8f5fbb07 and change the way logout errors are handled

Relating to issue #1668, the proposed fix works when there is only one
service provider to logout of.

Now that multiple service provider logout is starting to work again on
2.0, we cannot read the remote_ProviderID from the logout object because
it is only filled by lasso when actually building the response.

Instead, we ignore any error that could occur when building the
response, log a warning and show the portal instead. Still better than
an internal server error.
parent a805a5a0
......@@ -2385,21 +2385,12 @@ sub samldate2timestamp {
sub sendLogoutResponseToServiceProvider {
my ( $self, $req, $logout, $method ) = @_;
my $httpmethod = $self->getFirstHttpMethod(
if ( $httpmethod == Lasso::Constants::HTTP_METHOD_NONE ) {
$self->logger->warn( "Provider "
. $logout->remote_providerID
. " has no SingleLogoutService in metadata, staying on portal" );
return $self->p->do( $req, [] );
# Logout response
unless ( $self->buildLogoutResponseMsg($logout) ) {
return $self->p->sendError( $req, "Unable to build SLO response", 500 );
$self->logger->warn( "Could not build a logout response for provider "
. $logout->remote_providerID
. ", staying on portal" );
return $self->p->do( $req, [] );
# Send response depending on request method
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