Commit a1f75c5a authored by Anna Wyszomirska's avatar Anna Wyszomirska
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Merge pull request #51 in MEL/melodic-frontend from...

Merge pull request #51 in MEL/melodic-frontend from bugfix/MEL-1050-connection-between-app-components to rc3.0

* commit '5dcc644f':
  information about sg in cloud def
parents f64f96da 5dcc644f
......@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@
<form #singlePropertyFormId="ngForm" [formGroup]="singlePropertyForm">
<mat-icon color="primary">info</mat-icon>
Security group definition
<p> In order to have open specific ports on your instances, please define own security group (with
proper rules) on your cloud provider.
In that form, please add property with key: <strong>{{propertiesNameForSG}}</strong>, as value use id
of this security group.</p>
<mat-form-field class="wide-input">
<input matInput formControlName="key" placeholder="Key" required>
<mat-error *ngIf="form.key.errors && form.key.errors.invalidKey">
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ export class CloudPropertyFormComponent implements OnInit {
singlePropertyFormTitle: string;
data: MatTableDataSource<SingleProperty>;
propertyData: ParentProperty;
propertiesNameForSG = 'sword.default.securityGroup';
editedPropertyKey: string;
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