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Update .gitlab-ci.yml file

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...@@ -17,6 +17,11 @@ variables: ...@@ -17,6 +17,11 @@ variables:
MQ_ADAPTER_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -f mq-http-adapter/pom.xml" MQ_ADAPTER_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -f mq-http-adapter/pom.xml"
GUI_BACKEND_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -U -f gui-backend/pom.xml" GUI_BACKEND_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -U -f gui-backend/pom.xml"
UTILITY_GENERATOR_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -f utility-generator/pom.xml"
CP_PARSER_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -f zpp-solver/cp-parser/pom.xml"
CP_SOLVER_CLI: "mvn --batch-mode -N -Dmaven.test.skip=$SKIP_TESTS -Ddocker.push=false -f cp-solver/pom.xml"
cache: cache:
paths: paths:
- maven_repo/ - maven_repo/
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