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Merge branch 'fix-byon-xml' into 'proactive-dev'

changing the BYON xml file

See merge request !140
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...@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@ def infrastructureParameters = ["60000", //Node Time out ...@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@ def infrastructureParameters = ["60000", //Node Time out
sshPort,//port, //SSH port sshPort,//port, //SSH port
sshUsername, //SSH Username sshUsername, //SSH Username
sshPassword, //SSH Password sshPassword, //SSH Password
"/opt/activeeon_enterprise-node-linux-x64-12.1.0-SNAPSHOT/jre/bin/java", //JavaPath on the remote host "/opt/ProActive_node_agent/jre/bin/java", //JavaPath on the remote host
"/opt/activeeon_enterprise-node-linux-x64-12.1.0-SNAPSHOT", //ScheduligPath on the remote hosts "/opt/ProActive_node_agent", //ScheduligPath on the remote hosts
"Linux", //targetOs "Linux", //targetOs
javaOptions]//Java options javaOptions]//Java options
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