Commit 84d64f46 authored by Mohamed Khalil Labidi's avatar Mohamed Khalil Labidi
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Merge branch 'ip-collect' into 'proactive-dev'

Fix ip addresses collection for env vars preparation

See merge request !115
parents 18b3dd54 3a13dc59
......@@ -1439,6 +1439,8 @@ public class PAGateway {
} else if (!task.getParentTasks().isEmpty()) {
prepareInfraTask = PAFactory.createBashScriptTaskFromFile(taskName, "");
Utils.getContentWithFileName("collect_ip_addr_results.groovy"), "groovy"));
//TODO: Taking into consideration multiple parent tasks with multiple communications
taskVariablesMap.put("requestedPortName", new TaskVariable("requestedPortName",
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