Commit ca57f764 authored by Fotis Paraskevopoulos's avatar Fotis Paraskevopoulos
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Eshybird and Exp Forecasting tweaks and fixes for MON POINT

parent d1437249
......@@ -181,7 +181,8 @@ class ESHybrid(morphemic.model_manager.ModelHandler, messaging.listener.Morphemi
"predictionTime": times[index],
"level": 1
}"Sending prediction for time %s => %s " % (t, payload) )
......@@ -233,7 +234,7 @@ class ESHybrid(morphemic.model_manager.ModelHandler, messaging.listener.Morphemi
_logger.debug("Un-subscribing from %s " % metric)
self.metrics = ['MinimumCoresContext'] # [x['metric'] for x in res]
self.metrics = [x['metric'] for x in res]
self.state = 'pending_forecast'
......@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ from subprocess import PIPE, run
import logging
import messaging
from messaging import morphemic
from runtime.predictions.Prediction import Prediction
from runtime.operational_status.State import State
from runtime.utilities.Utilities import Utilities
......@@ -176,7 +175,7 @@ def calculate_and_publish_predictions(prediction_horizon,maximum_time_required_f
message_not_sent = True
current_time = int(time.time())
prediction_message_body = {
"metricValues": prediction[attribute].value,
"metricValue": float(prediction[attribute].value),
"level": 3,
"timestamp": current_time,
"probability": 0.95,
......@@ -196,7 +195,7 @@ def calculate_and_publish_predictions(prediction_horizon,maximum_time_required_f
State.connection.send_to_topic('intermediate_prediction.%s.%s' % (id, attribute), prediction_message_body)
message_not_sent = False
print_with_time("Successfully sent prediction message for "+attribute+" to topic intermediate_prediction.%s.%s" % (id, attribute))
print_with_time("Successfully sent prediction message for %s to topic intermediate_prediction.%s.%s\n\n%s\n\n" % (attribute, id, attribute, prediction_message_body))
except ConnectionError as exception:
State.connection = messaging.morphemic.Connection('admin', 'admin')
......@@ -217,11 +216,11 @@ class Listener(messaging.listener.MorphemicListener):
prediction_thread = None
#previous_prediction = None
#metrics_to_predict = [] # The metrics to be predicted, will be received in a special message
#def on_message(self, headers,body):
def on_message(self, frame):
def on_message(self, headers,body):
#def on_message(self, frame):
headers = frame.headers
body = frame.body
# headers = frame.headers
# body = frame.body
logging.debug("Headers %s", headers)
logging.debug(" %s", body)
import os, json, time
from influxdb import InfluxDBClient
import pandas as pd
from datetime import datetime
url_path_dataset = None
class Row():
def __init__(self, features,metricsname):
self.features = features
if "time" in self.features:
time_str = self.features["time"]
_obj = None
_obj = datetime.strptime(time_str,'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%fZ')
_obj = datetime.strptime(time_str,'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
self.features["time"] = int(_obj.timestamp())
if 'application' in metricsname:
for field_name in metricsname:
if not field_name in self.features:
self.features[field_name] = None
def getTime(self):
if "time" in self.features:
return self.features["time"]
if "timestamp" in self.features:
return self.features["timestamp"]
return None
def makeCsvRow(self):
if "application" in self.features:
del self.features["application"]
result = ''
for key, _value in self.features.items():
result += "{0},".format(_value)
return result[:-1] + "\n"
class Dataset():
def __init__(self):
self.rows = {}
self.size = 0
def addRow(self,row):
self.rows[row.getTime()] = row
self.size +=1
def reset(self):
self.rows = {}
self.size = 0
print("Dataset reset")
def getSize(self):
return self.size
def sortRows(self):
return sorted(list(self.rows.values()), key=lambda x: x.getTime(), reverse=True)
def getRows(self):
return list(self.rows.values())
def getRow(self,_time, tolerance):
for i in range(tolerance):
if int(_time + i) in self.rows:
return self.rows[int(_time+i)]
return None
def save(self,metricnames,application_name):
if "application" in metricnames:
dataset_content = ''
for metric in metricnames:
dataset_content += "{0},".format(metric)
dataset_content = dataset_content[:-1] + "\n"
for row in list(self.rows.values()):
dataset_content += row.makeCsvRow()
_file = open(url_path_dataset + "{0}.csv".format(application_name),'w')
return url_path_dataset + "{0}.csv".format(application_name)
class DatasetMaker():
def __init__(self, application, start, configs):
self.application = application
self.start_filter = start
self.influxdb = InfluxDBClient(host=configs['hostname'], port=configs['port'], username=configs['username'], password=configs['password'], database=configs['dbname'])
self.dataset = Dataset()
self.tolerance = 5
global url_path_dataset
url_path_dataset = configs['path_dataset']
if url_path_dataset[-1] != "/":
url_path_dataset += "/"
def getIndex(self, columns, name):
return columns.index(name)
def makeRow(self,columns, values):
row = {}
index = 0
for column in columns:
row[column] = values[index]
index +=1
return row
def prepareResultSet(self, result_set):
result = []
columns = result_set["series"][0]["columns"]
series_values = result_set["series"][0]["values"]
index = 0
for _values in series_values:
row = self.makeRow(columns,_values)
return result
def make(self):
except Exception as e:
print("Could not establish connexion with InfluxDB, please verify connexion parameters")
return {"message": "Could not establish connexion with InfluxDB, please verify connexion parameters"}
if self.getData() == None:
return {"message":"No data found"}
metricnames, _data = self.getData()
for _row in _data:
row = Row(_row,metricnames)
print("Rows construction completed")
print("{0} rows found".format(self.dataset.getSize()))
url =,self.application)
features = self.getFeatures(url)
if features == None:
return {'status': False, 'message': 'An error occured while building dataset'}
return {'status': True,'url': url, 'application': self.application, 'features': features}
def getFeatures(self, url):
df = pd.read_csv(url)
return df.columns.to_list()
except Exception as e:
print("Cannot extract data feature list")
return None
def extractMeasurement(self, _json):
return _json["series"][0]["columns"]
def getData(self):
query = None
if self.start_filter != None and self.start_filter != "":
query = "SELECT * FROM " + self.application +" WHERE time > now() - "+ self.start_filter
query = "SELECT * FROM " + self.application
result_set = self.influxdb.query(query=query)
series = self.extractMeasurement(result_set.raw)
#self.influxdb.close() #closing connexion
return [series, self.prepareResultSet(result_set.raw)]
except Exception as e:
print("Could not collect query data points")
return None
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