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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns="urn:proactive:jobdescriptor:3.12" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:proactive:jobdescriptor:3.12" name="Define_NS_BYON.xml" priority="normal" onTaskError="continueJobExecution" maxNumberOfExecution="2" >
<variable name="pa_port" value="8080" />
<variable name="NS_name" value="SSH_INFRA" />
<variable name="pa_protocol" value="http" />
<variable name="rm_host_name" value="" model=""/>
<variable name="ssh_username" value="" model=""/>
<variable name="ssh_password" value="" model=""/>
<variable name="ssh_key" value="" />
<variable name="ssh_port" value="22" model=""/>
<variable name="list_of_ips" value="" model=""/>
<variable name="tokens" value="" model=""/>
<![CDATA[ A workflow that executes Groovy in JVM. ]]>
<task name="Create_NodeSource"
<![CDATA[ The simplest task, ran by a Groovy engine. ]]>
<code language="groovy">
// Connecting to the Scheduler
def retCode = 0;
def tokens= variables.get("tokens")
def nodeSourceName = variables.get("NS_name")
def protocol = variables.get("pa_protocol")
def host = variables.get("rm_host_name")
def port = variables.get("pa_port")
def sshUsername = variables.get("ssh_username")
def sshPassword = variables.get("ssh_password")
def sshKey = variables.get("ssh_key")
def sshPort = variables.get("ssh_port")
def ips= variables.get("list_of_ips")
def javaOptions = " -Dproactive.communication.protocol=pamr -Dproactive.useIPaddress=true -Dproactive.pamr.router.address=" + host
ips = ips.split(",")
def hosts = ""
for (ip in ips) {
hosts = hosts + ip + " 1\n"
if (tokens=="") {
println "[+] Preparation of NodeSoure " + nodeSourceName
print "(1/4) Connecting to the RM at "+protocol+"://"+host+":"+port+"/ ..."
println " OK!"
//Getting NS configuration settings
def infrastructureType = "org.ow2.proactive.resourcemanager.nodesource.infrastructure.SSHInfrastructureV2"
def infrastructureParameters = ["60000", //Node Time out
"5", //Max deployment failure
"5000", //wait between Deployment
sshPort,//port, //SSH port
sshUsername, //SSH Username
sshPassword, //SSH Password
"/opt/activeeon_enterprise-node-linux-x64-12.1.0-SNAPSHOT/jre/bin/java", //JavaPath on the remote host
"/opt/activeeon_enterprise-node-linux-x64-12.1.0-SNAPSHOT", //ScheduligPath on the remote hosts
"Linux", //targetOs
javaOptions]//Java options
def infrastructureFileParameters = [hosts, //hostsList file content
"", //SSH Private Key
"" //SSH Options
def policyType = "org.ow2.proactive.resourcemanager.nodesource.policy.StaticPolicy"
def poliyParameters = [tokens,"ALL"]
def policyFileParameters = [""]
def nodesRecoverable = "true"
print "(2/4) Creating NodeSource ..."
rmapi.defineNodeSource(nodeSourceName,infrastructureType,(String[]) infrastructureParameters.toArray(),(String[]) infrastructureFileParameters.toArray(), policyType, (String[]) poliyParameters.toArray(), (String[]) policyFileParameters.toArray(),nodesRecoverable)
println " ... OK !"
print "(3/4) Deploying the NodeSource ..."
println " ... OK !"
print "(4/4) Done"
return retCode;
<![CDATA[ <html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/studio/styles/studio-standalone.css">
#workflow-designer {
left:0 !important;
top:0 !important;
<div id="workflow-visualization-view"><div id="workflow-visualization" style="position:relative;top:-503px;left:-505.5px"><div class="task _jsPlumb_endpoint_anchor_ ui-draggable" id="jsPlumb_1_13" style="top: 508px; left: 510.5px; z-index: 24;"><a class="task-name" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right" title="The simplest task, ran by a Groovy engine."><img src="images/Groovy.png" width="20px">&nbsp;<span class="name">Create_NodeSource</span></a></div><div class="_jsPlumb_endpoint source-endpoint dependency-source-endpoint connected _jsPlumb_endpoint_anchor_ ui-draggable ui-droppable" style="position: absolute; height: 20px; width: 20px; left: 563px; top: 538px;"><svg style="position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px" width="20" height="20" pointer-events="all" position="absolute" version="1.1" xmlns=""><circle cx="10" cy="10" r="10" version="1.1" xmlns="" fill="#666" stroke="none" style=""></circle></svg></div></div></div>
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