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Merge into release rc-3.0 web-crawler, profiler and knowbase

Maria Di Girolamo requested to merge wp1-integration into master

Please merge web-crawler, knowbase and Profiler. For Web-Crawler created the first version of the README file, updated configuration with new repositories crawler as promises in D3.1 For Knowldgebase change the name of directory in knowbase and created the 1st version of the README and LICENSE file. The knowbase is based on the elasticsearch and it's needed to refer to the license of the elasticsearch as reported in the For Profiler updated and it's need to add in the image of the profiler in order to start with the test and verify the validation of this file. Created the README file , into this file is provided how to the integration test is done and dploy the services : KnowledgeBase, Crawler and Profiler.

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