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Genome data added

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Genome is a Spark application related to the analysis of genome data within a scientific biomedical context. This deployment was run on instances with 2 cores. Reconfiguration was allowed, min number of machines was 1, maximum 10. The application was running for 2.7 hour.​ Each metric was a count in the 30-second window.
The following files contain relevant information:
- EstimatedRemainingTime Context.csv - column 'value' informs about estimated remaining time to the end of the simulation
- MinimumCoresContext.csv - column 'value' informs about minimum cores required to finish simulation on time
- NotFinishedOnTimeContext.csv
- RemainingSimulationTimeMetric.csv - column 'value' informs about how much time is left to the end of the simulation
- SimulationElapsedTime.csv - column 'value' inform about how much time last from the beginning of the simulation
- SimulationLeftNumber.csv - column 'value' informs about how many simulations were finished
- WillFinishTooSoonContext.csv
- nodeTable.csv - column 'totalCount' has information about how many instances are currently running
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