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Secure Documents application​
Experiment with Secure Documents application was run on one instances with 4 cores and 30 GB of memory in Ireland. The number of users has generated automatically in the range of 0 to 150. A new number of users was chosen in the random interval of time according to Poisson distribution with lambda 3000 milliseconds and constant delay offset 30000. Each user generates one request. Reconfiguration was not allowed, min number of machines was 1, maximum 1. The application was running for about 6,5 hours.
The following files contain relevant information:
- jmeterResuls.csv - column timestamp inform when the request was sent by the user.
- AvgResponseTimeTable.csv - column value set average response time in the last 30 seconds.
- number of instances is constant and is equal to 1.
- AppCardinality = 1
- provider_Component_App = 0
This data was run with the same configuration as data from 04.02.2021
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