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Gonéri Le Bouder committed
Revision history for Ocsinventory::Agent
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Gilles Dubois committed

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Charlène Auger committed
      * Copy cronjob script from Fedora
      * Permit storing CA list in config dir
      * Don't check XML if in forced mode
      * Prevent misunderstanding of version option from config file
      * Remove forbidden char in XML
      * Fix Agent 2.9.0 not reporting OS minor release on Debian
      * Fix addInput missing keys
      * Fix SNMP macadress format

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Charlène Auger committed
      * Adding new Screen Manufacturer
      * Update
      * Change product name for Lenovo systems
      * Small improvements in the parse of config file options
      * Checking if XML is valid before submitting
      * Fix Unix user inventory
      * Fix raspberry has no serial
      * Fix timeout from last command
      * Fix memory issue on MacOS
      * Fix empty value for ip address when contains 127
      * Fix IpDiscover compilation
      * Fix lshw storage discovery fails on servers with one device
      * Fix bug group members displaying as HASH
      * Fix the bad management of the inventor in RHEL
      * Fix gateway misbehaviour with multiple network interfaces
      * Fix XML has not well formed
      * Fix issue Ubuntu 21.10 being reported as Ubuntu 11.0
      * Remove devtmpfs partition inventory

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Gilles Dubois committed
       * Add octectstring management on SNMP Scan
       * Add retry and timeout config for SNMP
       * Fix perl warnings on HASH
       * Fix warning on SNMP Scanner
       * Fix digit retrival using bigger digit and avoid truncate
       * Remove old SNMP scanning feature

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Gilles Dubois committed
       * Rework SNMP Interface and configuration
       * Rework IPDiscover manager
       * Rework LDAP Authenticaiton
       * Rework Auth backend
       * Rework software inventory data structure 
       * Add MySQL 8 compatibility
       * Add ASCII code management on deployment messages
       * Add "is not empty" criteria on multi search
       * Add computer archive feature 
       * Add IPDiscover scan split by TAG
       * Add CVE Matching regex
       * Add chinese translation
       * Add perl injector related inventory on main dashboard
       * Update German translation
       * Improve CVE Inventory
       * Improve translation on deployment form
       * Move networks submenu to inventory menu for better visibility
       * Fix date interval search on multi criteria
       * Fix IPDiscover subnet blacklist
       * Fix CVE-2020-14947
       * Fix stats to match user TAG restrictions
       * Fix CSV export to match table show / hide configuration
       * Fix minor bugs on CVE Inventory
       * Fix deployment estimation time when editing a packaged
       * Fix deployment fragment bug
       * Fix small package deployment (< 1024 bytes)
       * Fix a bug on MySQL SSL connection
       * Typos fix
       * Minor bug fix

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Philippe BEAUMONT committed
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Gilles Dubois committed
       * Allow encode http password in base64
       * Fix repository inventory #254
       * MacOS installer / packaging rework 
       * Suppress error message for LSPCI
       * Fix oracle package setup
       * Remove uninitialized value message
       * Now use os-release file
       * Improve drives management (Linux / MacOS)
       * Imprive IPv6 inventory
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Philippe BEAUMONT committed

       * Fix issue Service-Pack wrong info on Linux Clients (reports on
       * Fix issues #181, #187, #194, #197
       * Merge PR #175, #178, #190, #191, #193, #196, #199, #201
       * Fix warning argument freebsd isn't numeric
       * Fix Debian repository
       * Update manifest
       * Fix name and url in Repository
       * Fix for Ubuntu and older Debian version
       * Merge PR #141,#135,#143
       * Fix spelling errors
       * Add arcconf for Adaptec
       * Fix issue #124
       * Replace hpacucli with ssacli
       * Merge PR #144,#145,#146,#147,#148,#150
       * Make use of EDID utilities optional on modern kernels
       * Fallback to mainboard serial if bios serial is not available
       * Merge PR #152, #156, #158, #159
       * Fix issue for ipdiscover
       * Indicate god value for memory
       * Use now Parse::EDID module to retrieve monitor infomrations
       * Merge PR #161, #163, #164, #165, #169, #170, #172, #173, #174

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fbomj committed
       * Add the date of installation for debian/ubuntu packages
       * Add support for zfs
       * Rewrite cpu bsd
       * Fix some bugs on Repository/ file
       * : fix fatal typo
       * : fix "invalid" message
       * : fix "invalid" message
       * Virtualization : fix for Proxmox
       * Fix for vlans 
       * Fix virsh out

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fbomj committed
       * Add test to switch 'waitpid command' according to OS
       * change bazar revision number to git revision number
       * ipdiscover: fix default latency
       * Ignore files which are created during installation
       * Fix and improve comments in module.conf
       * Fix some typos
       * Update MANIFEST
       * Fix code which disables SSL certificate verification
       * Fix storage parameters from smartctl
       * Fix markdown syntax and typo in
       * Use pkg command on Solaris 11 to create the Software Inventory
       * Upgraded memconf to v3.14 (support for SPARC T7-4 and S7-2)
       * New feature: repositories inventory
       * Fix problem line 280
       * Issues corrections
       * Retrieve info for apfs formatted drive
       * correct df check for AIX
       * Fix regexp for listing network interfaces on macOS
       * Update
       * Update
       * Suppress functions can_run, can_load, can_read from Backend. Those from are now used
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fbomj committed
       * Update libraries snapshot for release
       * Suppress reference message to support "No support detected. Registration key: N/A"
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fbomj committed
       * Linux storages now supports Megacli raid
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fbomj committed
       * Merge Mysteq PR "centos-release is the correct file to check"
       * Merge XANI PR "read edid from sysfs, fallback to old method if no monitor is found"
       * Fix bugs in and files (OS Linux)
       * Correction for usb inventory
       * Retrieve Docker container informations
       * Update memconf command to last revision
       * Add enhancement support for Xen xl command (xm command already present)

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root committed
       * Fix Bug #1466748 Interface Detection Infiniband MAC wrong
       * Fix Bug #1423905 Failed HTTP auth if password contains # character
       * Fix syntax error in file
       * HPUX/Solaris: use --nosoftware instead of --nosoft
       * Retrieve speed and duplex from a different way
       * Enhancement: unix agent can now report battery inventory
       * Enhancement: unified agent can retrieve lxc container
       * Suppress --nosoft option
       * Fix Bug #1440626 Typo error in Alpha/
       * Fix Bug #1438719 pkg_list has been deprecated on FreeBSD so no software inventory is gathered on those systems
       * Fix Bug #1438021 Support s390x processors
       * Fix Bug #1436702 Wrong disk size
       * Fix Bug #1435675 AIX typo error in
       * Fix Bug #1431844 données de HDD SAS/SAN manquantes AIX 5.3, 6.1 et 7.1
       * Fix Bug #1420073 Linux/Archs/i386/ reports incorrect CPU information
       * Fix Bug #1409671 PROCESSORS bad value on PowerPC arch
       * Fix Bug #1405167 Presentation of OS Name and OS Version
       * Fix Bug #1389255 Nombre d'interfaces recherchees
       * Fix Bug #1376787 [UNIX Agent] Feature request: report Fusion-io cards
       * Fix Bug #1364123 created script perl for xenserver
       * Fix Bug #1350240 --nosoftware does'nt work on aix
       * Fix Bug #1342038 Wrong data for cores on Unix Agent 2.1.1
       * Fix Bug #1322088 CPU show 0 on VM libvirt
       * Fix Bug #1319683 libvirt VM partial detection
       * Fix Bug #1293588 CPU on Ubuntu may not be detected because of `arch` command and Dumper reference
       * Fix Bug #1246427 CentOS Linux 6 not identified
       * Fix Bug #1201734 Hyper-V virtual machines not recognized as "Virtual Machine" by agent
       * Fix Bug #1159742 does not load Net::IP at the right place
       * Fix Bug #1064296 ipv4 handling fix

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mortheres committed
       * Add number of socket in Linux/Archs/i386/
       * Add hyperthreading support in Linux/Archs/i386/
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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #1312830 about missing CPU information
       * Update memconf command to last revision
       * Add new file to detect Oracle distro
       * Fix which couldn't retrieve multi socket processors
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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #1045356 about regression in ifconfig parsing
       * Fix a mistake in </MACADDR> tag in 6876.xml
       * Move lib/Ocsinventory/Oracle and lib/Ocsinventory/Apache directories in lib/Ocsinventory/agent/Modules directory
       * Fix a mistake in which makes and not loaded by agent
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mortheres committed
       * Fix problem on path of arch command 
       * Fix debug trace in
       * Fix a translation mistake in MacOSX agent French installer

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mortheres committed
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mortheres committed
       * Fix #Bug 1272425 about status of libvirt virtual machines not reported
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mortheres committed
       * Fix blueprint about installation date in the report of the installed software
       * Fix blueprint about UUID value in the hardware Table
       * Fix Bug #1247190 about default gateway as gateway for all interfaces under Linux
       * Add new screen code for edid (PTS)
       * Add new module to retrieve Nvidia cards
       * Add new module to retrieve virtual machines on vmware workstation
       * Return corrected values for storage under Fedora 19
       * Fix Bug #1247190 about default gateway as gateway for all interfaces under Linux
       * Add new screen code for edid (PTS)
       * Add new module to retrieve Nvidia cards
       * Add new file to detect CentOS distro
       * Add new module to retrieve virtual machines on vmware workstation
       * Return corrected values for storage under Fedora 19
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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #1206514 about enhancing modules loading to allow directories
       * Fix a bug in about processes data marked as virtualmachines data
       * Fix Bug #1216935 about Mac user agent not generating UUID
       * Fix Bug #1237682 about INSTALLDATE format not always accepted by MySQL
       * Add a new log message when unable to scan a SNMP devices in
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mortheres committed
       * Fix problem about IP address tests in
       * Remove "-pP" option passed to nmap in
       * New module to retrieve NetApp devices using SNMP
       * New module to retrieve Sun devices using SNMP
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mortheres committed
       * Fix bugs in and files
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frank committed
       * Retrieve new values for CPU
       * Update memconf command to latest version
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mortheres committed
       * Fix bugs about usb in and
       * Add retrieve of usb connected devices
       * Fix Bug #1198088 about wrong data for processors under 2.1 RC1
       * Fix bug about SNMP v3 in
       * Fix bug about custom network scanning in
       * Add retrieve of video memory size
       * Fix Bug #1169675 about error message about SSL_verify_mode of SSL_VERIFY_NONE under Fedora 18

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mortheres committed
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #1095989 about a bad regex in
       * Fix Bug #1032393 about softwares bot inventoried vi dpkg-query
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add custom SNMP MIBs XML copy from sources in
       * Getting monitor serial number in MacOS/
       * Add a new configuration option for SSL certificate check in MacOSX agent installer
       * Add new screen codes for edid
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug ##1117110 about missing number of CPU socket
       * Add availibility to reforce a package deployment
       * Code rewrite in to prevent sending empty XML tags to OCS server
       * Fix Bug #1086086 about uses of initialized value in
       * Fix Bug #1087270 about zombie processes when running in daemon mode
       * Fix Bug #1086078 about use of initialized value
       * Fix Bug #1070788 about zip packages support
       * Fix Bug #1045356 about ifconfig parsing issue (Fedora >=17)
       * New availability to scan custom network with SNMP using a network address received from server 
       * Fix Bug #1049626 about Qemu virtualization not detected on proxmox
       * Fix Bug #1040197 about VLAN interface AIX support 
frank's avatar
frank committed
       * Add detect CPU architecture
       * AIX memory module change
       * Add many informations about CPU (l2cachesize, status, socket designation, cores number)
       * Fix Bug #882574 about parsing of dmidecode fails on SMBIOS warning
       * Fix Bug #984699 about the Output of 'ps' in VirtualBox module is displayed in stdout
       * Fix Bug #571655 about the Wrong Sys:Syslog usage
frank's avatar
frank committed
       * Retrieve family, serial number, number of processors, clockrate for BSDsystems
       * New module for inventoring Oracle databases
       * Multiples monitors patch added
       * Fix Bug #1023670 about memconf not working with HP-UX 11.31
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frank committed
       * New version of 
       * New Backend/Virtualization/ module for Parallels virtual machines inventory
frank's avatar
frank committed
       * Plugin Processes moved as module
       * Fix Bug #911492 about Freebsd Storage drives not being reported
       * Fix Bug #911491 about Freebsd CPU info not reporting properly
       * Fix Bug #873377 about Installed packages on Gentoo
       * Add OS/Linux/ module for Logical Volume Manager support 
       * New Snmp/ module for Fujistu devices
       * can now be launched in non-interactive mode using new "--nowizard" launch option
       * Adding all the configuration options as launching arguments in
       * Adding new interactive questions about "debug", "logfile", "ssl" and "ca" configuration options in
       * uses LWP useragent initiated by for SSL checks 
       * uses LWP useragent initiated by for info and frags files downloads
       * can use LWP version 6 SSL useragent options
       * New --ca configuration option to specify a CA certificates file path for SSL certificate checks
       * New --ssl configuration option to enable/disable SSL certificate checks 
       * Customize SNMP scans using a special XML format received from server 
       * Getting network devices MAC address during SNMP scans
       * Availibity to scan any networks SNMP devices using nmap or ping scans
       * SNMP v3 available for SNMP scans
       * Add new --ssl configuration option to enable or disable certificate check during SSL communications
       * Change 'SERIAL' field name and add checksum for inventory XML CPUS section 
       * Now getting MANUFACTURER and SERIALNUMBER in Snmp/
       * Add new fields in setSnmpLoadBalancer() method in
       * Fix Bug #1085020 about ERR_ALREADY_IN_HISTORY message that should be success
       * Fix bug with SNMP cartridges and trays in
       * Add new MacOS/ module to get controllers inventory under MacOSX
       * Add new MacOS/ module to get slots inventory under MacOSX
       * Add missing DESCRIPTION field in addController() in
       * Set debug and lazy options to 0, in generated ocsinventory-agent.cfg file by macOSX graphic installer, if check boxes are not selected
       * Add a new configuration option to set lazy mode in MacOSX graphic installer 
       * Improve MacOSX postinstall script to able to deploy MacOSX agent using NetInstall      

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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #953968 about MacOSX crash under MacOSX 10.4 64 bits
       * Fix bug about illegal hexadecimal digit in Snmp/
       * Fix segfault and buffer overflow bugs in ipdiscover.c
       * Improve OCS MacOSX agent internationalization support
       * Back to previous pane after wrong OCS server address warning in MacOSX installer
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mortheres committed
       * Improve memory slots detection under MacOSX 10.7 in MacOS/
       * Force to become the topmost window in tools/macosx/ocsng_app-xcode/main.m
       * Fix Bug #901570 about wrong printer name if no printer found in MacOS/
       * Solving CPU and memories inventory detection under MacOSX Snow Leopard and MacOSX Lion
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Modifying MacOSX backend files to use the new Mac::Sysprole Perl module version
       * Fix Bug #887534 about invalid CREATEDATE in lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend/OS/Linux/

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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #881406 about security issue due to snmp_com.txt file which is no longer used
       * Fix Bug #874269 about wrong conversion if hard drive >= TB in MacOS/
       * Fix Bug #879487 about a misplaced object release in ocs_agent_configPane.m
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mortheres committed
       * Fix bug on "Debug Mode" checkbox in MacoSX installer
       * Fix bug while sending ERR_DOWNLOAD_INFO message in
       * Fix Bug #856161 about installer problems on MacOSX Tiger

mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * New SNMP data using IP address, netmask, gateway and routing informations
       * Use the "public" SNMP community if no community defined in OCS server configuration
       * Various bug fixes in
       * New 2.0 MacOSX integration
       * Bug #798428 about standalone agent building
       * Change variable names to lowercase in Snmp/
       * Fix a closedir omission in Solaris/
       * Modify releases tarball name when building it using make dist command
       * Various patches for CPU, Bios and Drives detection for HPUX systems     
       * Fix Bug #781732 about a missing chomp() in
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #778692 about using authentication when sending messages in
       * Patch from Yoann Le Bihan for Solaris zones support
       * Fix Bug #586321 about wrong version comparison in
       * Bug #772436 about download end message report in
       * Display support log received from PROLOG
       * Various patches for Snmp/ module (Cisco)
       * Add --nolocal option to desactivate local mode even if it is set in config file or command line
       * Fix Bug #767290 about /etc/sysconfig/ocsinventory-agent server settings ignore (only for Redhat like distributions)
       * Only inventory vitualmachines which have an UUID in to prevent inventoring USB devices or shared folders as virtualmachines
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Complety clean the disastrous treatments of accountinfos while receiving it from server,storing it in file and adding it in inventory
       * Fix UTF8 problems due to XML::Simple::XMLIn()

mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #720635 about lspci usage on old Linux distributions
       * Fix Bug #720626 about Gentoo packages with hyphen in their names
       * Fix a bug with the use of pacman tool on ArchLinux. We now launch the real packages manager instead of the famous game ;) ;)
       * Avoid perl errors when no answer from OCS server
       * Enhance logging in and when disabling this modules (local mode or prerequisites not OK)
       * Patches from Bernhard Denner to enhance CPU and memry detection on old SUN solaris workstations
       * Patch from Bernhard Denner to enhance dhcp-leases files detection on Linux systems

mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add a new cleanXml() subroutine in to clean non printable characters in both standard inventory and SNMP inventory
       * Various patches for Snmp/ module (Cisco)
       * Add a new addSnmpCPU() subroutine in
       * Disabling if agent running in local mode

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mortheres committed
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mortheres committed
       * Add download_start_handler to check if Net::SSLeay can be load and disable if not
       * Add Net::SNMP optional dependency in README file.
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mortheres committed
       * Delete Win32 from backend
       * Various patches for and to enhance ethernet ports speed display (Françs Mermet)
       * New SNMP modules for Juniper, Futjitsu and F5 vendors (Françs Mermet)
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mortheres committed
       * Fix Bug #682689 about missing data for disk when can't run lshal command (Bernhard Denner)
       * Add a warning message about user privacy in man page for --scan-homedirs option
       * Various patches for an (Françs Mermet)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Change timeout for Backend modules from 180 to 600 seconds
       * Change timeout for Backend modules from 180 to 600 seconds
       * Back on the ipdiscover binary from the old OCS Linux Agent to make network scans lighter than Nmap. Ipdiscover binary is only available under Linux systems
       * Use LaunchDaemons instead of LaunchAgents in MacOSX package
       * Fix SSL errors if no URL is given by the server in
       * Do SNMP scans and treatments only if asked by the server
       * Delete some useless logs in debug for SNMP constructors and standard MIBs modules
       * Change oid_value in snmp_info subroutine in 
       * New SNMP module for Checkpoint Software Technologies constructor (Françs Mermet)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add new "DEVICEPORT" and "DEVICETYPE" fields in addSnmpnetwork() in
       * and use setSnmpComputer() to set the type of SNMP device
       * Add a new addSnmpInput() subroutine in
       * Fix a bug in addSnmpSwitch subroutine in     
       * Replace SetSnmpSwitch() subroutine by SetSnmpSwitchInfos() in
       * Set right fields for AddSnmpSwitch() subroutine in
       * Fix various bug on snmp_oid_run subroutine for constructors and standard MIB modules 
       * Fix various mistakes and missing fields in snmp subroutines in
       * Fix a warning due to deprecated syntax in
       * Fix a warning due to deprecated syntax in
       * Fix a catastrophic performance issue by preventing to run sysctl at every line of demidecode output to get CPU informations on BSD systems
       * now download snmp_com.txt file to get informations about SNMP communities for scans using HTTPS
       * New subroutines called "getHttpFile" and "getHttpsFile" in to download files easily using HTTP or HTTPS.
       * Fix bugs and minor mistakes in and
       * Add Lenovo EDID for monitors (Adam Buchbinder)
       * Disabling if agent running in local mode
       * Fix a warning if network interface is down in
       * Enhance inventory initialization for a better modularity
       * Local mode can now use the "inventory_handler" hook
       * Various patches for SNMP constructors or standard MIB module (Françs Mermet)
       * Prevent a bug in using (Françs Mermet)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add "ACR" and "EPI" EDID ID for monitors (Adam Buchbinder)
       * Fix Bug #597752 about TYPE and VOLUMN fiels reversal for BSD systems.
       * Fix Bug #612515 to report network interface that don't have an IP address (Mick K)
       * Don't take care of host with no MAC address in
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add the SOFTWARE field in addSnmpCard subroutine
       * Enhance to add information about printer status and printer error state
       * now use to launch standard MIB modules by default (Françs Mermet)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Upgrade several SNMP contructors/standard MIB modules
       * Add a new SNMP constructor module for Lexmark
       * Add a new SNMP module for the standard Entity MIB.
       * Add a new SNMP module to load standard MIB modules by default
       * Add new subroutines for SNMP XML feeding for informations about switches, network cards, blades, firewalls etc....
       * Correct a log mistacke in
       * New module to enable SNMP scans on HP devices
       * Get the SNMP device MACADDR from PROLOG resp to generate the SNMPDEVICEID in
       * Add new subroutines in for special SNMP XML feed or SNMP special treatments
       * New module to get SNMP printers informations
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
2.0 alpha  Tue, 27 Jul 2010 22:27:27 +0100
       * use flushXMLTags() from to flush the content of $common->{xmltags}
       * Modifying the inventory backend to use functions from instead of
       * New for SNMP scans integration. It comes with its constructors modules to enhance scans results (a lot of beers to Françs Mermet to thank himfor his help)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Modifying to include Ocsinventory::Agent::Modules::Snmp
       * : add $logger object in Ocsinventory::Agent::Common instantiation
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * : adding the can_run(), can_load(), can_read() and runcmdi() generic methods. Adding the use of the $logger object
       * : add a new field 'TYPE' in setSnmpCommons()
       * now uses the new methods and add the $network object in the $context hash
       * now gives generic methods to send a XML to OCS server and receive a XML from OCS server
       * New addInput() method in to add mouses and keyboards in inventory
       * now use 'get_path' and 'already_in_array' functions from the new
       * : Replace the former by a new one. now give a lot of methods for other agent modules
       * : instanciate Ocsinventory::Agent::Common object and add a reference to it in $context
       * Use of the Nmap::Parser perl module to correct the very buggy Nmap implementation for Ipdiscover
       * Various patches for Solaris support (Lucas MASSE) 
       * Fix the network speed data oblivion in The network speed can now be added in of the several OS backends
       * Put the prolog_reader hook run at the right place to avoid an error if the agent failed to reach the server
       * Enhance dom0 support for Xen support (Guillaume ROUSSE)
       * Add bios informations for Xen PV hosts (Guillaume ROUSSE)
       * Fix Bug #552727 about getting processes that are running in Solaris (Emengao)
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * Add the availiability to disable a module using start_handler hook
       * Debug and code cleaning in 
       * Fix Bug #552097
       * Add XML::SAX::Expat module include 
       * Replace {REQUEST} and {ADM} by {xmlroot} in xml handling for a better and better readability
       * Remove text about Win32 port in the README file
       * Correct a bug in to pass inventory or prolog to modules
       * Add headers for the modules logs
       * Correct a bug in when removing the old Linux agent
       * Ocsinventory::Agent::Option:: namespace is now Ocsinventory::Agent::Modules::
       * Modules now use Perl's object system 
       * Hooks are now methods and not simple subroutines
       * is now
       * Use of a new context hash in
       * is now
       * Calling hooks only in
       * Update HPUX support (Francois Mermet)
       * Verify ID value received by server in 
       * Verify the network syntax in 
       * Replace an hard coded pattern in Linux/
       * Removing non posix cp option in
       * Upgrade to memconf V2.13
       * Add an in contrib example of script to identify specific software (Simon CLARA)
       * An example of script to use tarball to identify installed software
       * HP-UX: initial support, tested on RP3440
       * Solaris/Network: support Zone
       * Solaris: use regex to identify CPU class
       * Improve the README about non-interactive installation
mortheres's avatar
mortheres committed
       * MacOSX: Correctly identify the CPU frequency on MacOSX 1.6 French    Tue, 12 Oct 2010 19:42:41 +0100
       * Fix a secutiry bug due to the use of ExtUtils::Installed in
         See and
         for more informations. 
         Thanks to Remi Collet for his report.
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
1.1.2    Sun, 27 Dec 2009 17:24:43 +0100
       * Avoid problem with dmidecode -V output on RHEL3.9 (Remi COLLET)
       * Fix internal --delaytime handling. That's seconds, not hours!
       * improve a error message
1.1.1    Mon, 21 Dec 2009 22:38:12 +0100
       * NETWORKS/VIRTUALDEV should be 1 or 0
       * FreeBSD: Fix CPU detection (David DURIEUX)
       * Virtualization::Qemu, fix kvm detection
       * Don't run brctl if it's not installed
Vincent Knecht's avatar
Vincent Knecht committed
       * Various wording fixes (Vincent KNECHT)
       * Improve README (Barius DRUBECK)
       * Get serial number from ext4 partition if ext4dev driver is used
       * LP: #494908 Agent fails to retrieve info file when a package is
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
         activated only with the server name (Pascal DANEK)
       * LP: #495398 Fix RedHat version detection (Stéane URBANOVSKI)
       * LP: #490774 Fix PowerPC CPU detection on Linux, thanks darkpep for
         the bug report
1.1     Fri, 06 Nov 2009 16:07:08 +0100
       * addMemorie() renamed to addMemories(), this had been broken during
         the addMemories() . addMemory() transition
       * Debug mode: msg "check function failed" changed to "ignored" since
         the fails may be wanted by the check() function
       * CompatibilityLayer: $self->{params} changed to $self->{config},
         this restore the debug mode in
       * Continue XML::Inventory functions name clean up. Rename:
        - addSlots() calls to addSlot()
        - addMemories() calls to addMemory()
       * Move ocsinventory-agent POD documentation frol Ocsinventory::Agent
         to the ocsinventory-agent shell script. So now the manpage has the
         correct name
Remi Collet's avatar
Remi Collet committed
       * Fix RPM output parsing (Remi COLLET)
       * VMWareESX: avoid breakage is VM has spaces in its name
         (Christian Michallek)
       * Try to detect kvm --uuid value
       * Makefile.PL, check for Net::SSLeay
       * Move Ocsinventory::Agent in a .pm and add a wrapper script to load
         in order to by able to process --devlib
       * doesn't use sudo anymore and check for
       * Prune 'Mac OS X' from the version on Mac + typo fixes (Scott HANNAHS)
       * POD doc, add a paragraph about the config file
       * LP: #462529, Fix EDID screen detection, thanks Sergio MERINO
       * Use boolean for networks/virtualdev
       * Generic/Screen: chomp uuencode output
       * Generic/Screen: HSD code for "Hanns.G" (Remi COLLET)
       *, put user $PATH in /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory-agent
1.1_beta1    Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:54:12 +0200
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * Can use Net::CUPS to find the default printer
       * AIX: Hide procfs in Filesystem
       * OS::Linux::Storages, correctly retrieve the serial (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * load $http_proxy env settings and --proxy option is available
       * Add OS::Linux::Distro::NonLSB::ArchLinux (Julien SAFAR)
       * New Backend OS::Generic::Processes 
Julien Safar's avatar
Julien Safar committed
       * Linux/BSD: detect DNS servers config 
       * Solaris: Better output for $OSVErsion (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: Sun Fire T1000 patches for memory (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: memory SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: CPU SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Solaris: CPU SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * Linux: split the /proc/cpuinfo parsing depending on the arch
       * Linux: drop Linux::Controllers which is duplicated with
         Generic::Lspci::Controllers (Vladimir ELISSEEV)
       * AIX: Various fixes in (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * AIX:, Virtual disks support and fixes (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Bump the default timeout from 30 to 180 secondes
       * Agent/XML/Inventory: Fix when version == 0, bug found by neisen
       * AIX: device type adjustment (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Solaris: Sun-Fire-V440 support (Sebastien DAGNICOURT)
       * Add a missing space if the name banner in --debug mode
       * Agent/XML/ Add FROM and INSTALLDATE fields in software
         in HARDWARE (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Initialize etcdir key even if there is no config file
       * CompatibilityLayer: correctly set $debug
       * CompatibilityLayer: better log messages
       * getOptionInfoByName return an array ref now
       * rename getOptionInfoByName to getOptionsInfoByName
       * --debug print the XML on STDERR
       * Rename the params key to config to avoid ambiguity
         with $params
       * RPM: collect the install date and the size (Nicolas EISEN)
       * DPKG: collect the Installed-Size (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Linux: Collect the ext{2,3,4} and xfs serial number
       * Linux: Collect the ext{2,3,4} creation date
       * Add a warning when no certificat is found
       * Turns off alarm once it's backend run is finish
       * Fix the IPMI module detection
       * Linux: Store the PCISLOT and the driver name
       * NETWORKDS, only store Networks with an address
       * Linux: detect virtual network device
       * Linux: Collects xfs, ext{2,3,4} and vfat label
       * runs the backend module from main() it's possible to
         reuse the Backend object.
       * Linux: filter non standard MAC address returned by ifconfig like
         00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00 mac
       * Linux: Fix the Uptime check()
       * Preliminary libvirt support
       * Partial rewrite of the backend
       * Add a warning if the user is no root, thanks Nicolas EISEN and
         Sylvain LUCE
       * SPARC-Enterprise M4000 and M5000 support (Sylvain LUCE)
       * Libvirt: collect VCPU info (Philippe LIBAT)
       * Add Virtualization::Xen module (Philippe LIBAT)
       * Solaris: add a warning if memconf is not in $PATH
       * Switch the XML content from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, BTW we force
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * Fix the history flood in (Pascal DANEK) 
       * Storage the monitor EDID string in BASE64 and UUENCODE
       * Linux: Storages: reorganize the code base and use lshal
       * Linux: Drives, complete inforamtions with lshal (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Linux: fix the PowerPC CPU detection
       * Warns the user during the install process if one of
         the recommended module is not installed
       * Update out copy of memconf, thanks WeatherDave who notified the new
         revision and of course Tom Schmidt who do a great job 
       * MacOSX: Avoid a scalar used has hash ref error, thanks Adadov
       * MacOSX: Correctilly detect Up/Down network interfaces
         (David OLIVIER)
       * AddNetwork() doesn't ignore network with no IP address
         (David OLIVIER)
       * add --backend-collect-timeout parameter (Nicolas EISEN)
       * MacOSX: convert the IP mask from hex (David OLIVIER)
       * MacOSX: add a workaround to avoid Mac::SysProfile failure on
         MacOSX 10.5.7 (David OLIVIER)
       * Add Virtualization::VirtualBox module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::Qemu module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::Vmsystem module (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Better smartctl detection (Nicolas EISEN)
       * optimization and vm users detection Virtualization::VirtualBox (Nicolas EISEN)
       * Add Virtualization::VmwareFusion module (Walid NOUH)
       * Don't use hdparm prior 9.2.2 anymore to avoid crap in kernel log, see
       * Correctly detect ipmitool
       * Solaris: i86pc Memory support (Jean-Françs BOUCHER)
       * Solaris Zone support (Maurizio BERTABONI)
       * Always send tag, even if server already has one
       * Add the byHand software collect method (Séstien DAGNICOURT)
       * add logging to can_read(), can_load() and can_run()
       * use addUser() instead of setHardware() 
       * Add the runcmd() in the Backend modules
1.0.1    Sun, 22 Mar 2009 20:48:49 +0100
       * Fix a typo in Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::AIX::Memory 

1.0    Sun, 22 Mar 2009 20:14:26 +0100
       * Hide warning messages when tw_cli or hpacucli are not present on CentOS
       * Avoid unnecessary about missing 'http://' in local mode
       * use can_run do detect ipmitool
       * properly use can_run
       * Avoid a warning in in local mode
       * Improve the README file
       * Avoid a warning at runtime if rpm is not correctly installed
       * BSD: Detect AMD64 arch (David DURIEUX)
       * force detection even if slot 1 is 0 (Remi COLLET)
       * minor clean up + indentation
       * send the $model as NAME to avoid NAME == 'unknown' (Remi COLLET)
       * New backend module ServeRaid for IBM ServeRAID card (Remi COLLET)
       * Linux::Storages, fix the hdparm call (Remi COLLET)
       * OS::Generic::Dmidecode::Bios, fix for RHEL2 dmidecode (Remi COLLET)
       * launch backend modules with a 30sec timeout
       * use prompt() from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to avoid
         unexpected error with cpan
       * avoid the "No LSB modules are available." warning message
       * Backend: --debug print a warning when arun() function is not found
       * Fix the Debian/Ubuntu detection for non lsb system
       * also drops /etc/cron.d/ocsinventory-client if the user
         wants to drop the old linux_agent
       * Backend::OS::Solaris::Memory: use the Logger instead of "print"
       * Solaris: Drop unwanted spaces around OSVERSION and STORAGES/DESCRIPTION
       * Solaris: Avoid warning if the user can't use fstyp 
       * MANIFEST.SKIP: ignore .git/ and .gitignore
       * add a workaround for 
       * use cpanp and perl 5.10 now
       * do a eval around require File::Find
       * Add a workaround to find the backend modules for PAR::Packer
       * internal change, now do eval 'use $pmodule' instead of require
       * fix serialnum detection in and (Edouard GAMIN)
       * Makefile.PL: drop wait(), not used
       * Makefile.PL: fix a syntax error
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * add tools/ to document the workaround used to avoid
       * Fix --logfile=/somewhere.log, see
       * tools/, add a new script
       * Don't print ugly error if next_timefile can't be saved
       * OS::Linux::Domains, improve the way it deals with multiple
         domaine entries (Remi COLLET)
       * AIX: Record the last memory Slot (Wilfried BRUNKEN)
       * Bump 0.0.10 to 1.0 because it's the first release to be officially part
         of the OCSInventory distribution
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
0.0.10beta2    Wed, 24 Sep 2008 23:41:21 +0200
       * README: add a not about the $PATH varible on Solaris.
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Added extra section support for backends (Pascal DANEK)
       * Fix the way submodules are disabled with $runMeIfTheseChecksFailed
       * Linux: Use lsb_release if presents to detect the OS, this will fix
         the Ubuntu detection
       * Hide a Perl warning if the agent is run by the user want the last_state
         file is missing
       * Add Ipmi backend module (Jean PARPAILLON)
       * Drop the control characters from the inventory XML
       * Apply a little change in that may fix the ParserDetails.ini problem,
         thanks tharoun
0.0.10beta1    Thu, 04 Sep 2008 18:16:49 +0200
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Fix a "ocs server name" => URI side effect (Pascal DANEK)
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Download::Store: used absolute path to "cp" on STORE action (Pascal DANEK)
       * Download::Store: set -dpR flags to "cp" (Pascal DANEK)
       * Solaris: Replaced hostid in serialnumber by real serialnumber (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
                  (SUNWsneep becomes mandatory on sparc)
       * Solaris: Return only one IP address (trying to guess which one corresponds to hostname) (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: return disks SERIALNUMBER and FIRMWARE as XML fields (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Redirection and stderr issue on Solaris (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
         - Removed close of stderr fd
         - Modified lspci and screen check() to avoid pollution of stdout/stderr
       * fix the previous changelog entry, the fix had been done by Nicolas DORFSMAN
       * checks for MANIFEST present
       * improve the backend module detection by also scanning the symlinked directory
       * add the --devlib flag to load ./lib only if wanted and remove '.' from the directory to scan
         with File::Find.
       * import the can_run, can_load and can_read functions in the Backend modules
       * the backend module can have no check function, in this case OCS assume it's ok
       * apply a patch by Etienne GUILLAUMONT to fix CPU detection on AIX 4 
       * checks PAR::Packer presence now
       * only inventory installed .deb
       * accept another vardir if the first one was invalide
       * correctly activated in modules.conf if the user needs it
       * add MacOSX support thanks to Wes YOUNG (Wes YOUNG)
         - Added tools/darwin/ support scripts/code for OS X enterprise deployment
       * add the follow_skip==2 flag to File::Find in so it doesn't detect the same
         file two time
       * import of backend module for RAID controller on Linux (3ware, Adaptec, HP and Lsilogic)
       * remove a warning in Debug mod, if a backend module has no run() function
       * don't crash in Daemon mode if the server is unreachable (Wes YOUNG)
       * Net::IP is just (strongly) suggested now
       * fix --basevardir so it really accepts a parameter, thanks Gubluts from the forum who
         pointed out the bug
       * use which to find ocsinventory-agent location
       * Makefile.PL, Perl 5.6 doesn't have Config::config_re, I call it from an eval now
       * Added --delaytime option as commandline / .cfg file adjustable (Wes YOUNG)
       *, don't use grep -v since it's not POSIX
       * doesn't die if is missing like with perl 5.6
       * avoid a warning with gzip -h on AIX if Compress::Zlib is missing
       * README: depends on Perl 5.8
       * README: On solaris the Makefile needs gmake
       * README: Add a note about crontab and PATH
       * Linux: redirect hdparm error to /dev/null
       * yes/no questions have a default value now
       * fix a bug in the import of the old ocsinv.adm
       * doesn't create two vardir directories anymore
       * do not print a wrning is --nosoftware is used. Thanks Knarfling and Remi who pointed the issue
       * fix the POD documentation, some mistakes were detected by Perl 5.10's perldoc.
       * the agent doesn't crash anymore if ocsinv.adm or ocsinv.conf is corrupted
       * install memconf on Solaris
       * Solaris: apply patches to use memconf for CPU, Drives and Memory (Christoph HALMES) 04/18/2008 Bug fix
       * Add /ocsinventory in the server path if the user enter just the hostname

       * fix a error in the previous release that was forcing the local mode (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
0.0.9 04/01/2008 April Fool release!
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Added fallback for --lazy if no prolog freq was found and server error (Pascal DANEK)
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Fixed accountinfos handling bugs (Pascal DANEK)
       * Changed --wait behaviour (--wait=number_of_seconds || "server") (Pascal DANEK)
       * PROLOG_FREQ is handled in prolog phase (Pascal DANEK)
       * the random value for file_nexttime is computed only if prolog_freq has changed since last prolog (Pascal DANEK)
       * import the documentation documentation by adding a description of the
         agent and pointer to the official website
       * --nosoft option renamed to --nosoftware, --nosoft still works but with a warning
       * add --basevardir to be able to use a specific place to store the var file
       * add the --lazy parameter: send an inventory only if the a random delay between 0 and PROLOG_FREQ had been run over. Useful for package maintainer (Remi COLLET)
       * return 1 to the shell if the agent failed to contact the server
       * asks for the basevardir
       * write the modules.conf 
       * OS::Linux::Network::Networks, correctly reset the ipaddress before every loop so
         now a network can't have the address of the previous one
       * rename the key $params->{conffile} to $params->{accountconfig}
       * fix the way accountinfo information are stored
       * improve (a bit) tools/ to avoid error if people launch it
         from the tools directory
       * --server is ignore if --local is in use
       * adjust Backend::OS::Generic::Screen to be able to use monitor-edid with DVI link (Remi COLLET)
       * OS::Linux::Storages, add NEC as a know manufacturer add assume the manifacturer is Seagate if
         the model doesn't match the others and begin with ST (rjhill)
       * fix the CPU detection on Linux Sparc64 and ARM (Linksys NSLU2)
       * improve the Solaris version detection by reading the /etc/release file (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: fix the MAC addresses when the leading zeros is missing (Jean-Jacques MICHEL)
       * Solaris: Add publisher is possible in the software list (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * Solaris: improve the hard drive detection (Nicolas DORFSMAN)
       * can remove the previous linux_agent
       * reuse linux_agent old config file to set the default server and tag
       * return the SERIALNUMBER and the FIRMWARE on Linux with hdparm, the feature is not supported
         yet by the server (egamin) 02/20/2008
       *, correctly save the realm, do not override the password 
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * Added "CAPTION" field to memory (Pascal DANEK)
       * Fix a bug with "NUMSLOTS" memory field (Pascal DANEK)
       * improve the parsing of the config file to accept quote and spaces in the value
       * save the configfile with 0600 right since the server
         password maybe be stored in it
       * doesn't scan the inc/ directory anymore
       * remove the BUNDLE packages which seem to break the install process
       * change Solaris::CPU to use psrinfo -v to get the CPUs which works fine on x86
       * fix a path error in Ocsinventory::LoggerBackend::File (Remi COLLET)
       * fix: don't send the inventory if the server doesn't need it (Remi COLLET)
0.0.8 02/05/2008
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * fix the deviceid and old_deviceid handling (Pascal DANEK)
       * fix a debug message in (Pascal DANEK)
       * different fixes on (Pascal DANEK)
Pascal Danek's avatar
Pascal Danek committed
       * fix an event message name in Option/ (Pascal DANEK)
       * fix the Compatibility Layer with prolog_read hook (Pascal DANEK)
       * merge PowerPC and PC code to detect the CPU and improve/fix the regex
       * looks for config file in /etc/ocsinventory /usr/local/etc/ocsinventory and
       * add a pod documentation about the different config files and directories
       * Compress::Zlib is required but recommended now. In fact, you need it with
         ocs server prior 1.02 01/16/2008
       * fix the post installation script to avoid invalid cron time 01/14/2008
       * add in the MANIFEST.SKIP to keep it out of the tarball

Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
0.0.7 01/13/2008
       * Ocsinventory::Agent::AccountInfo does not warn accountinfofile if runned in debug mode
         without root privilege
       * fix params->{etcdir} to /etc/ocsinventory, /etc/ocsinventory-agent/modules.conf must be moved
         to /etc/ocsinventory/modules.conf
       * Solaris: Improve the CPU detection (Olivier ROUSSY)
       * AIX: Return the directory with the AIX package name (Olivier ROUSSY)
       * Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Inventory can now write software inventory
         value of FILESIZE, FOLDER and PUBLISHER
       * processChecksum() and feedInventory() are called by Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Inventory
         directly now
       * the server responses are not parsed in the main script anymore
       * do not create an inventory if the server doesnn't need it
       * new parameters for the backend modules (run and check functions):
         - prologresp, the Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Response::Prolog object returned by
	   the prolog
	 - storage: an hashref stored on the harddrive at the end of the execution of the module
       * a backend module without a run function is accepted now 
       * add addIpDiscoverEntry() to add host from the same network
       * @runMeIfTheseChecksFailed: new optional setting for Backend module
       * Ipdiscover is now a backend module and nmap can be used instead of ipdiscover
       * --nosoft disable the Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::Generic::Packaging modules
       * Remove the deprecated modules Ocsinventory::Agent::Option::Ipdiscover and
       * the check function of the backend accepts the same parameter than the run function
       * Linux::Archs::I386 regex are more robust
       * perldoc documentation for the ocsinventory-agent command
       * minor improvment on the Makefile.PL
       * change the way --server parameter is read. Now we can have a full URL, --remotedir
         is now useless
       * fix: correctly load the last_state
       * improve the Makefile.PL by using inc::Module::Install and adding new check 
       * add a --version parameter and improve the --help
       * come with bundled dependency to simply the build process
       * fix the login/passwd/realm authentification
       * remove Agent/, I've to prepare a better system to keep the pid first
       * try to read the config in /usr/local/etc/ocsinventory/ocsinventory-agent.cfg if the
         standard one is missing 07/16/2007 Bug fix release

       * remove a debug "die" in the code 06/12/2007 Bug fix release 
       * Fix an undef value in Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::BSD::Mem
       * AIX: retrieve correctly the MAC address of some FibberChannel card 
       * now will try to find every module before the build to
         avoid unexplicated error

       * Enable "verbose" is debug is turned on
       * AIX: Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::AIX::Networks rewrote
       * AIX:, remove the spaces from the end of the DESCRIPTION
       * add, a script designed to prepare a stand-alone binary of the agent
       * AIX: Retrieve all the gateway of every subnet instead of just the default one
       * renamed to
       * New flag: --stdout to print the inventory directly on STDOUT
       * If the use want write on the system var directory, the agent create one in
       * The agent setting can be preinitialised with /etc/ocsinventory/ocsinventory-agent.cfg or
       * remove two debug messages printed during accountinfo rewrite and the
         daemon starting process
       * remove a stupid check in Ocsinventory::Agent::AccountConfig, the
         accountconfig file was not written unless the file was already present
       * add a recMkdir function in ocsinventory-agent to create directory recursivly
       * do not process checksum in local mode 
0.0.5  04/17/2007
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * AIX: use lslpp -c -l to find installed packages
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * AIX: fixes on, and
       * AIX: fetch the serial number with lscfg unless it was found with lsvpd
       * add the .ocs extension to local written files
       * with --local flag: don't not warn if last_state doesn't exit
       * Solaris: retrieve installed package
       * downgrade some message important from info to debug
       * read screen serial number in the EDID (DDC screen)
       * replaced by
       * all the data are read from EDID now
       * Initial Linux PPC support (tested in Debian Etch).
         thanks Walid Nouh for the hardware
       * Apply patch by Remi Collet to fix an issue with Linux distro detection and Perl 5.6.1
       * Turn of STDERR during the module execution to avoid useless message (e.g: foo: not found)
         use --debug to turn them back
       * If the system side vardir can't be created. The agent try to create one in ~/.ocs-inventory-agent
       * Add a THANKS file
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed

0.0.4 03/20/2007
       * use of gzip when Compress:Zlib is not avalaible. OCS server 1.01 and
         prior are not supported.
       * dmidecode parsing improved
       * lspci stuffs moved to generic
Gonéri Le Bouder's avatar
Gonéri Le Bouder committed
       * Linux: find Wifi connection
       * fix: pass correctly the logger to the modules
       * don't write the last_state if the connexion failed
       * Deals correctly with the accountinfo if it's internaly stored in a
         array ref
       * BSD support by Thierry Lacoste